3 Out of the Box Ideas for Events

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Picking a theme for your event can be quite the ordeal. For most people it is fun and exciting but for a lot it can be stressful and overwhelming. However, once the theme is picked, finding linen rentals and decorations and other party equipment will be a lot easier because your choices will be narrowed to a shortlist. Whether you are having a backyard party or looking into event tent rentals, there are so many out of the box ideas that you can purse as far as themes go. Here are just a few ways that you could go:

This is a fun twist on costume parties. A masquerade ball is generally an elegant and formal event where everyone gets dressed up but as part of their ensemble, they sport a mask of some sort in order to conceal their identity. Typically, at some point during the party, everyone will take off their masks to show who they are but it’s not necessary, depending on how the night is going. it can make for a very mysterious and exhilarating event not knowing who you are dancing with or talking to. It’s fun to try and guess as well. You can either make it a serious event or it can just be fun and the masks optional. You also have the choice of whether to have people purchase their own masks or provide them at the door. You could have them laying on the linen rentals on the tables as well for people to pick up at their choosing.

Murder Mystery
This is like dinner and a show and a game all in one. With each invitation that is sent out, the person also receives a character study complete with costume suggestions and personality traits and sometimes talking points. Once they get to the party, everyone will go about the dinner normally, only they must stay in character. At some point, the lights go off and mayhem ensues. When the lights come back on, the host gestures sadly to the guest laying on the linen rentals and informs everyone that there is a murderer in their midst and no one is allowed to leave until they have been cleared by the police. The murdered guest, will of course already know that they will be out of the game before they arrive. Generally speaking, it’s appropriate to have the murdered guest be one of the hosts. The rest of the night will be spent with the guests trying to figure out who the murderer is. The correct answer wins the game at the end.

Having an ’80s party, or whatever era you choose, generally involves music from that time, clothing or costumes, food and drinks and decorations all from the chosen time frame. You can either make it a more structured party and play games or have a raffle or something like that, or it can be a regular free for all party where everyone does what they wish but in ’80s garb. Either way, these kinds of parties are always a blast. A party must for these kind is to have a photo booth. People love to take pictures in their crazy get ups and it will make for some great memories for you.

The world of themes is wide open for you, depending on what type of party you want to throw. If you are fundraising then a casino theme might be a fun idea, if you are holding an auction then a Phantom of the Opera theme is very appropriate and the list goes on. Don’t be held back by what other people might think of your theme. It’s your party and you know how to throw it. Also, try not to get hung up on details like chair covers and linen rentals and other things that no one is going to notice. They make a difference to the look of your party, sure, you want them to fit and be nice but don’t stress out about them. It’ll work together in the end. The point is that everyone has a good time and no one is left out. If you make that happen, then you have held a successful event.

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