Is Assisted Living for Dementia Patients Really the Best Option?

When caring for an aging loved one, many things are likely on your mind as you look for assisted living facility services in your area. Depending on your unique situation and the care level your loved one needs, you may want to consider local memory care facilities as a possible option. If you are worried about what is available in your area and are stressing about how to answer the question of ‘where is the best assisted independent living near me?’ you need to start with a localized search.

You can quickly search local business directories and online listings and write down local assisted living education phone numbers and contact information. From there, you can speak to staff and visit some of the centers yourself to see what they are like. Once you compile your list of the best assisted living facilities nearby, you can talk with your loved one and other family members and determine what option is best for the current situation. This is never an easy choice to make but it is an important one and it is something that cannot be rushed or taken lightly!

Some people fear getting older because their chances of developing a disease becomes higher. The different types of dementia are a common concern. While there are different types of dementia, in itself dementia is actual a group of symptoms which effect the body’s memory and reasoning capabilities. A person suffering from one of the types of dementia will eventually need daily assistance as their disease progresses.

Dementia is associated with the elderly because of when it sets in, after age 65 usually and doubling in risk every five years thereafter. Genworth Financial comprised a survey of what participants most feared about aging and a possible long term living situation. Participants were found to be five times more fearful of becoming a burden to their families than actually dying. It raises the question, can assisted living facilities help alleviate their fears?

Alzheimer?s care

When considering care options for Alzheimers patients, it is important to understand dementia stages. The progression of all types of dementia range from level one, in which there is no obvious signs of impairment, to level seven, in which the patient’s dementia has progressed to such a level of decline that they are no longer able to speak or walk. As such, Alzheimer’s is actually the sixth leading cause of death in the nation. Actually, Alzheimer’s disease is the only one of the top 10 leading cause of death in the U.S. that can not be slowed or cured with medicine, a change of diet, or by stopping a habit (such as with smoking).

The types of dementia include Parkinson’s disease, which degenerates the central nervous system causing the patient to have severe problems with their body’s motor skills. Huntington’s disease and vascular disease, and multiple sclerosis. These are diseases that cause terrible problems with a person’s daily functions. They need someone to be dedicated to helping them complete everyday tasks once their particular disease has progressed. It is a harsh truth that they will eventually become a burden if the proper care is not made available.

Assisted living facilities may be the best option for an elderly patient suffering from one or more of the types of dementia. Unlike a family member, the nurses on duty at one of these facilities has experience and training to meet and anticipate the needs of the patient.

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