How to Spark Up Your Life Three Ways Fire Makes Its Way Back Into Modern Homes

Replacement gas log

If we can be honest for a second, let me start by saying that fire is super-cool; something about it makes us feel safer, happier, and of course warmer. Fire was a huge development in our evolution as it protected us from predators, illuminated the darkness, and changed the way our ancestors ate. Over countless generations we also learned the dangers posed by fire if left uncontrolled. Here are three ways that controlled fire is still used by modern people to warm, cook, and entertain.

Burn Baby, Burn

A fire pit is perhaps one of the easiest ways to utilize outdoor space. It provides an area for friends and families to get away from all of the screens in our lives. Something about fire draws people together and connects us with our ancestors who did the same. Whether building your own, or buying a designer fire pit, ensure that proper safety precautions are taken whenever lighting a fire and always make sure that a fire is completely out before leaving.

Now We’re Cooking with Fire

There’s nothing quite like a steak on the grill as the direct-cook provided by fire gives food a unique char taste that can seldom be replicated. Up to 80% of Americans own an outdoor grill, barbecue, or smoker to impart distinct flavors to their favorite foods. Grilling is one of the most popular cooking methods: 97% of grill-owners used their grill in the past year with 60% doing so year-round. A variety of models are available at grill stores around the country, including natural gas grills, charcoal grills, propane grills, and smaller electric models.

Flame On!

Fireplaces offer the comforts of a fire pit that can be enjoyed year-round, yet older models often require continual maintenance lest they become safety hazards. Many have made the switch to a vent-free fireplace log set, which uses gas fireplace logs that actually conceal the burners, giving off the illusion of a wood-burning fireplace. Gas fireplace logs come in a variety of styles and models that may or may not use a vent depending on the set-up. With gas fireplaces, homeowners can enjoy the heat and comfort of an indoor fire without the mess, safety issues, or the high cost of chimney sweeps!
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