Loft Renters Often See Benefits That Homeowners Do Not

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Are you finally out of college and looking to get a place of your own? A place you can decorate anyway you want. A place that is big enough for you and all of your treasures, but small enough that you do not need to spend every weekend cleaning and doing maintenance projects. If these are your goals, you might consider renting a loft apartment, especially if you are living in a big city like Philadelphia, Chicago or Atlanta.

Big cities provide renters with a fast-paced life, and renting a loft apartment will give you the privacy you want on your down times. Renting in a large metropolitan area allows you to enjoy the sights and sounds of the big city and the opportunity to enjoy your living space without worrying about maintenance chores. As a renter, your landlord or rental agency will maintain the hallways and common areas, as well as fix up or repair any issues you have in your own loft or apartment. Professionally managed apartments not only offer a greater degree of financial security, they also provide residents with a higher standard of service. Many loft rentals include on-site maintenance, first-class amenities and a higher standard of customer care.

Too many young professionals make the mistake of trying to buy a home too soon. While this night seem like a good financial decision, buying a home can actually put you in jeopardy of financial complications that you might not expect. Did you know that approximately 40% of today’s foreclosures involve a single-family house, condominium or other housing rented out by its owner. In today’s fluctuating market, it is often wiser to be a renter. Renters save an average of $560 every month just by choosing to rent over buying a house. And renters don’t risk investing in a depreciating asset. A $100 investment in housing in 1985 would be worth $293 today. That same investment of $100 placed in stocks would be worth $1,146—nearly four times as much.

Apartment living or the best loft apartments
in large cities allow renters to enjoy the opportunities that big cities offer. Rather than spending time and money commuting out of the city center to a home you are purchasing in the suburbs, why not use that time to take in the museum, club and outdoor activities that easily available to those who live downtown? Loft apartments in Philadelphia or any other major city offer an exciting lifestyle for those who would rather spend their time soaking up the activity downtown, rather than spending time and money maintaining a house.

If you are just starting a new job and are moving to a big and exciting city, consider finding a loft apartment near your work and enjoy the freedom that renting offers.

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