3 Ways To Optimize Your Adjustable Bed For Safety

Adjustable mattresses beds

It’s pretty common knowledge nowadays that the old model beds of flat mattress and box springs are outdated solutions to bed comfort. They do not correspond to the natural S-curve of our spines and thus people will often change positions during sleep to avoid tension and cramps caused by the gaps left in back support. Most people choose to augment their beds with at least a foam mattress pad, but many are making the switch over entirely to adjustable beds. An adjustable bed can be a great answer to the back support problem, as the optional incline feature can support you like a chair or couch and will prevent you from backsliding into dangerous positions during deep REM sleep. Furthermore, according to this typical disclaimer put out by a popular adjustable bed company, adjustable beds may have additional health benefits:

“Craftmaticandreg Adjustable Beds are available with optional heat and soothing massage that may provide temporary relief from low back pain, poor circulation, edema and swelling of the legs, mild arthritis, or just poor sleep.”

Before you go out and purchase a Space Age Sleep-O-Matic 5,000 however, it’s important to optimize the safety of your choice, as there are some risks involved especially if you are a senior citizen or dealing with a disability. The following is a list of things to consider, and should put you well on your way to a safe, comfortable sleeping experience:

1.Heights of Adjustable Beds
This can be an easy one to overlook especially if you are buying an adjustable bed online and have no frame of reference. There are may different heights of adjustable beds, and it’s important to consider how feasible each model would be. If something is too high off the ground, it might be a dangerous choice if you’re dealing with a leg injury or have difficulty moving around. When considering the different heights of adjustable beds, it might be a good idea to go into a showroom and test a few out, just to get a feel for what will be comfortable for you.

2. Sizes of Adjustable Beds
Most adjustable beds come in sizes ranging from twin, full, queen, and king (smallest to largest respectively). If you’re a particularly heavy sleeper or a constant tosser and turner, it might make sense to go with a larger model to prevent falling out of bed in the middle of the night and causing yourself injury.

3. Electric Features of Adjustable Beds
Electric adjustable beds are the gold standard in bed comfort, certainly. However, if your adjustable bed comes equipped with a heating system or a particularly complicated looking remote control for the incline feature, it’s important that you read the manual thoroughly, especially the hazards section. There might be a stipulation about how long to keep the heating option on for or a speed setting for the incline.

We are confident that if you take heed of these three features when upgrading your sleep system, you will indeed sleep soundly. At the very least, you’ll probably avoid tripping and falling over your grandson’s toy train while trying to hop from a lofty, over-heated twin mattress in the morning.

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