New Device Adds Another Panel of Buttons to Roku and Amazon Remotes

Sony tv remote replacement

Today, the average television viewer likely has a number of television remote controls scattered around their living room, each controlling a different piece of equipment. In the past, manufacturers have tried to solve this problem by offering all in one remote controls, which are designed to unite televisions, stereos and more under one device. Unfortunately, these remotes need to be programmed with universal remote codes, and despite their name, often do not control every device. Now, as Roku, Amazon Fire TV and other systems with their own television remote controls become increasingly popular, one company is trying a new approach: their remote control accessory adds another panel of buttons to typical TV remote controls.

Called Sideclick, the device was designed to meet the needs of the millions of television watchers who use services like Netflix and Amazon TV. These systems typically use a set top box and are controlled with small remotes that are unable to control the television itself. As a result, users often find themselves juggling two separate television remote controls as they try to pause or play their program, adjust the volume and more. With the Sideclick, however, users can simply snap their Roku remote or other device into a remote accessory designed specifically for each different brand. This adds another panel of buttons that allow users to turn the television on or off, adjust the volume and more. It operates with AAA batteries and presumably can be set up like other basic programmable remote controls.

The Sideclick is being offered by a company called True Bloom, which is currently trying to raise $150,000 USD on the crowd source website Kickstarter to support the project. So far, they have raised almost $70,000 of their goal. However, they are already offering consumers the chance to order the “Super Early Bird” unit for $20, which will ship in October 2015. Other buyers will have to wait until November. Will the Sideclick solve the common problem of having to juggle different remotes? Only time will tell.

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