4 Things to Know Before Buying an Adjustable Bed

Types of adjustable beds

If you currently sleep on a flat mattress and struggle to sleep, it may be time to consider another mattress. A good night’s sleep is tough to get on a flat mattress and flat mattresses may actually make back pain worse. This is mainly because your back is not properly supported. Since your spine is S shaped, a flat mattress leaves gaps in areas where your spine curves upwards. This means that your spine is not being properly supported while sleeping and you’ll likely be facing back pain as a result. If you are considering an adjustable bed, one that can help support your spine, there are a few things you should consider before making your purchase.

You can adjust the height of the beds

Most people realize that you can adjust the angle of an adjustable bed, but few realize that you can also adjust the heights of adjustable beds. So, if you struggle to get on your current bed because it is too high, you might choose the lowest of the heights of adjustable beds. On the other hand, if you prefer to sleep up high, there are also higher heights of adjustable beds as well. It’s all based on your preference.

You can select your type of mattress

When choosing to purchase an adjustable bed, you’ll also want to consider investing in the type of mattress you’re purchasing. In order to match up with your adjustable bed frame, it will also need to be an adjustable mattress. However, you are not stuck with just your everyday mattress when purchasing an adjustable bed. Instead, you can choose from many different options, including a memory foam mattress.

You can choose dual adjustable beds

If you sleep alone, you may decide to go for an adjustable twin, full or queen mattress. However, for those who sleep with someone else, you probably want to go with an adjustable double mattress. These mattresses have two sides that can be controlled separately. Therefore, each side can have a different angle on both the upper and lower parts of the mattress. This is particularly helpful for those who either suffer from snoring, or for those who sleep next to someone who suffers from snoring, as adjusting the height at which one sleep may help snoring.

You can select additional features

When purchasing your adjustable bed, you’ll also want to consider the options that you can purchase with it. While you can choose the type of mattress and even whether or not you want a double mattress, some people forget about the additional features they can add on. With some adjustable beds, you can have the option of adding heat and/or massage. These features may help provide temporary relief from mild arthritis and joint pain. So, if you suffer from mild aches and pains, an adjustable bed with heat and massage may help to ease your pain.

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