Affordable Luxury Living for Less

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The word luxury has a bad rep and is often associated with expensive tastes. However, did you know it was still possible it live on a beer budget but have champagne taste? Luxury apartment rentals allow tenants to live in the lap of luxury but for affordable rates that don’t break the bank.

Following the Great Recession, the American housing market took a huge hit as countless Americans who lost their jobs due to lay offs were no longer able to afford their mortgages. As such, many families were forced to downsize. Now nearly seven years later, renting lofts and apartments has become the norm for many singles and families. In fact, developers are erecting beautiful apartment buildings at an alarming rate in both metropolitan areas and suburbs in order to keep up with consumer demand.

It’s easy to see why suburban and city loft apartments and other luxury apartment rentals are in such high demand. Many people choose to rent a luxury apartment in order to enjoy the comfort and convenience of living in a home without the all the hassle and expense of actually owning one. Why the word luxury may lead to believe these apartments are out of your price range, they’re actually surprisingly affordable.

Homeowners are required to pay for all home-related expenses and repairs out of pocket. Roofing repairs, repairing appliances, and unexpected occurrences such as a failing furnace or broken water heater can quickly add up. Factor in property tax and what was once considered an affordable mortgage or cost of ownership has since ballooned out of your anticipated budget.

On the other hand, tenants occupying luxury apartment rentals have no such worries. Landlords and property management companies cover the cost of all major repairs, and typically offer round the clock maintenance. Combined with flexible leasing options and stunning, stylish, and modern interiors, and it’s easy to see why the rent vs. own debate isn’t really much of a debate anymore. See this reference for more.

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