Why You’re Not Getting The Best Night’s Sleep Possible

Split king adjustabl bed

Getting a deep, sound nights sleep is the best sure fire way to keep you and your energy levels at their optimum to conquer any tasks that arise throughout the day. Having high levels of energy to accomplish the tasks you need to, such as work, school, or any activity, will keep you feeling happy, healthy, and ready for anything. Nobody likes to feel slow and exhausted with a whole day ahead of them. You owe to yourself to always make sure you get a perfect nights sleep.

I bet you want to know how to get a better nights sleep. As important as steady, sound sleep is the American Sleep Foundation estimates that nearly 2/3 of Americans have trouble getting the right sleep to refresh and rejuvenate their minds and bodies to tackle the following day. You are probably one of the many Americans not getting the right kind of sleep you need to be alert and focused every day. So what are some of the causes of a poor nights sleep?

The most common cause for poor sleep is the style, model, and make of your mattress. Most people generally sleep on flat, horizontal mattresses that cause the spine to bend out of it’s natural S curve, causing the body to shift irregularly all throughout the night to adjust the pressure being put on your back. As the American Sleep Foundation observes, chronic back or joint pain caused by sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress is largely associated to insomnia.

The best way to combat the discomfort and disruption of your nights sleep is to find an ergonomic bed that is able to conform to the contours of your spine and body to ensure you’re sleeping in a natural, comfortable position all night long. Ergonomic beds come in many varieties, such as memory foam, adjustable beds, electric beds, sleep comfort adjustable beds, and much more. Many adjustable beds also come equipped with heating and massaging options to use as you lie down for the nights, getting your body and mood in the right place to help encourage a wonderful nights sleep.

Ergonomic beds and mattresses are also great for reducing the risk of chronic pain long term. Flat, spring, non ergonomic beds can cause conditions such as edema, wherein the legs and feet swell up from accumulated fluids caused by sleeping in improper positions for long periods of time throughout the night. Edema is very painful and can lead to more severe bone or joint problems if ignored into late adulthood. Don’t risk your health simple because you never bothered to switch to a more conforming, more comfortable ergonomic bed.

So what are you waiting for? Find a local retailer of adjustable and ergonomic beds today and be on your way to a better nights sleep tomorrow.

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