Are You Making It Easier For Burglars To Break Into Your Home?

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Do you think home burglaries won’t happen to you? Think again. Americans report over 2 million break-ins every single year — and almost 74% of these burglaries are residential or happen to every day people, like you and me. The most alarming thing, however, is that many of them don’t involve any true breaking and entering because Americans leave doors and windows unlocked. News flash: if you hide your key right next to the door, that’s not much better. Are you practically inviting burglars in?

You’re Hiding Your Key In Plain Sight (Or You Might As Well Be)

Let’s face it. A lot of us do it. For whatever reason, whether you favor convenience above all else or haven’t found an affordable locksmith, if you have seen your hiding spot on television and/or in a movie, it’s probably pretty obvious to just about everyone. Don’t hide your key under the doormat, for example. In the mailbox right next to the door or on the ledge above the door are also too obvious — and even a bit dangerous.

Where To Hide Your Keys Instead

Now that you know where not to hide your keys, where should you keep them instead? If you must hide keys, experts recommend using a magnet to attach house keys to the bottom of your grill, or even hiding spare keys in house siding — but several feet (or more) away from the door.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Local Locksmith Services

In short, if you don’t feel comfortable hiding a spare key near your home — don’t. Affordable locksmiths, including emergency locksmith services and commercial locksmith services, can help you at any time of day — and are there only when you need them. In other words, they are not unnecessarily keep your home vulnerable to theft.

Hide your key in a less obvious space, consider calling a locksmith, or even look into auto locksmith tools. Whatever you do, don’t make it even easier to break into your home or car. Read more.

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