Having Trouble Sleeping? Try an Adjustable Bed!

Sleep better at night

Have you been having trouble getting a good night sleep? If you are, you are not alone. Research says that approximately 2/3 of all Americans report having sleep problems and do not feel rested for the day. What is keeping you from sleep? Lower back pain is a major cause of sleeplessness. Other cause are mild arthritis, poor circulation in the legs, swelling of the legs (edema), heartburn, gastric reflux and possible hiatus hernia. Proper diet and exercise can also be factors in sleep problems as well as promoting good health. In addition, the National Sleep Foundation reports that the leading medical reasons that prevent sleep are neck and back pain, headaches, and TMJ.

Have you considered buying an adjustable bed? Many people are finding relief from some of the symptoms, especially lower back pain and mild arthritis.
The National Sleep Foundation reports that over 50% of adults in the U.S. say they suffer from chronic back pain and thus have problems sleeping at night. People try all kinds of ways to get a good night sleep, including over the counter and prescription drugs, warm milk and honey and relaxation techniques. Some people try changing mattress covers, comforters and try to buy the best pillows. Some have tried buying several types of mattresses, not knowing how to find the best beds, and not realizing that an adjustable bed may provide the best comfort for all the ailments that keep them awake. Invest in an adjustable bed and you may be investing in your health.

There are many kinds of an adjustable bed in all bed sizes; luxury adjustable beds, or you can get a dual king adjustable bed or an electric adjustable bed. You can purchase an adjustable bed with all types of mattress materials, including memory foam. An adjustable bed will allow you to raise the foot of the bed high enough so that you may prevent discomfort from edema, but low enough not to feel uncomfortable.

You may be wondering what is the best adjustable bed. You might look online for sleep comfort bed reviews. You will most likely see the name of the Craftmatic® Brand, which has sold over 40,000 beds in the past 40 years. Whichever type or brand of adjustable bed you choose, you just might find yourself having the best sleep you have ever had when you buy an adjustable bed. And better sleep means a healthier and happier life!

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