Tips for Seeing the Actual Value of Homes, and Not Just the Marketing Gimmicks

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According to Review Journal, the average selling prices for Las Vegas homes are up about 24% from the previous year for the month of January. Similarly, median selling prices for Las Vegas condos and townhomes were up as well.

Now is a good time to look at Las Vegas homes for sale. Prices will likely continue to rise in the next several years. Not only is now a good time to get Las Vegas real estate at a relatively low price, but it’s also a good time to buy for the purpose of investing. Your property is likely to be worth thousands more when you sell it in the future, than it is now.

It’s no secret, though, that many homeowners are using psychological tricks to convince you that their home is the right one for you. Home staging is intended to make you think a home is worth more than it is. This isn’t always a bad thing since it can help you see more clearly how rooms should be used — however, you should be cautious about whether you’re buying a home, or just artful marketing.

Pay Attention to the Details

  • Did you know that, according to a study by Home Gain, simply de-cluttering a home is enough to provide an 870% return on that expenditure? Don’t be swayed just by the overall appearance of a home.
  • Look in corners and at parts of the home that are likely to experience more wear than others. Everything looks neat — but do the cupboards need re-hinging? Are there unsightly scuff marks on the kitchen table?
  • Also consider future upkeep. A white floor can be beautiful when cleaned specifically for home tours, but once you own the home it can be a huge pain to keep clean.

Estimate Future Costs When Buying a Home

  • Although a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a room, and help sell a home, it doesn’t really add much monetary value to the sale. Make sure you keep in mind that in many older homes, expensive appliances and HVAC units might need replacement.
  • Similarly, an updated bathroom can be an expensive pursuit, costing the average homeowner about $16,000, according to Angie’s List. Ideally, look for homes that have bathrooms and kitchens already set up for your needs.
  • Everything can be great on the surface, but make sure nothing unexpected lurks underneath and inside the home. Mold, for example, can be a hidden problem in homes and can cause problems for both health and home structure if left unaddressed.

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