Finding the Right Bed for Your Back

King adjustable bed

Just laying down to sleep can put about 50 pounds of weight on your spine, according to the American Chiropractic Association. For the 80 to 90% of Americans that have back pain issues, a good nights rest can be difficult. Fortunately there are natural ways to sleep better and to overcome your problems sleeping at night with adjustable bed systems. Your sleep comfort should be a primary purchasing factor when you experience chronic back pain and sleeping issues. In addition to health concerns, the best beds have come a long way from the stereotypical image of an oversized hospital bed.

If you have not looked at an adjustable mattress and its design in recent years, it consists of a bed that is easily raised and lowered as necessary for comfort. When you raise the ends of the bed slightly, the adjustable mattresses may prevent your legs from positions that induce temporary pain issues. The new versions of adjustable bed mattresses come in all kinds of mattress types, including the more popular pillow top and memory foam that look like traditional bed and mattress systems.

To find the best beds for your sleeping style, you may want to do some preliminary research before you start to try them out. You can find various online review sites that feature user ratings and comments for different beds. You should consult these for your initial takes on user comfort and design. Also, you may want to talk with friends and family for their recommendations, especially if they have similar sleeping concerns. As you begin to get a sense of which models are likely to make your short list, you can begin to test them in the store.

Visiting a store to try out a mattress will allow you to see how they perform, both as a traditional flat mattress and with various adjustments to fit your sleeping style. Depending on the store and their offerings, you may even be able to try out the beds for a limited in home experience. Regardless which beds are on your list to try, you should give it careful consideration since ultimately, you are looking for one that will enhance your sleep and health.

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