An Adjustable Bed Mattress Can Help You Sleep

Luxury adjustable beds

Are you looking for ways to get a more restful night of sleep? You may be one of the many people who find themselves tossing and turning, trying to find a comfortable position that will let them sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, an estimated 15% of Americans report chronic pain related to sleeping in the wrong position. An adjustable bed mattress may be the solution you are looking for.
When a person sleeps, they unconsciously change position to avoid pain and tension caused by sleeping in uncomfortable positions. An adjustable bed mattress can help you maintain a more comfortable sleeping position. Tradition flat mattress may actually force your body into uncomfortable positions.
Adjustable bed mattresses can alleviate those uncomfortable positions, as well as relieve pain that prevents sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the leading medical issues that prevent sleep are back and neck pain, TMJ, and headaches.
It is interesting to note that many people may fall asleep in lounge chairs because the position is more comfortable. Adjustable bed mattresses give you that same comfortable position while in bed.
Adjustable bed mattress will put the top half of your body into a position that is similar to that lounge chair. Additionally, you have the option to raise your legs on an adjustable bed mattress that can relieve pressure on your feet and knees. This can be very beneficial if you suffer from edema, or other such medical conditions.
Along with using an adjustable bed mattress, there are other tips you can use to help you get a restful sleep. A lot of people enjoy napping during the day, especially if they did not sleep well the night before. However, the National Sleep Foundation recommends that these naps should not be longer than 10 to 20 minutes in length.
Your bedroom should also be at a comfortable temperature, and should not be stuff or overly drafty. In addition, you should use good pillows and sheets to ensure additional comfort.
Using an adjustable bed mattress you can include this sleep comfort as part of the lifestyle factors that promote good health.

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