We’ve All Seen Them We All Love Them Take Some Awkward Family Photos of Your Own

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We’ve all seen those famous awkward family photos floating all over the internet. Heck, there’s even a whole website devoted to it, that started the whole craze in the first place. And what better form of inspiration for your very own family photos than what the awkward family portrait site portrays. Take it as a warning as things not to do. Or better yet, take it as things to replicate in order to come up with the funniest, most interesting family pictures that your family and friends have ever seen.

  • Awkward Family Portraits
  • When it comes to what you want your awkward photo to look like, there are tons of different examples to choose from. All you simply need to do is find a site chronicling these types of photos and you’ll have no end to the inspiration. The worst part is that you’ll find you’ve lost several hour browsing and laughing at the absurdity of these photos. A personal favorite variety of mine has to do with awkward outdoor family portrait ideas.

  • Outdoor Family Portrait Ideas
  • The awkward outdoor family portrait ideas are fantastic because you’ve got the environment to work with when setting up your silly family photos as well. If it’s winter, build snowmen around each other so you’ve got just the heads of everyone poking out of the tops. Take one with all of you still, then take an action shot of everyone bursting out. Take one of the whole family up in the limbs of a tree, looking like everything’s completely normal for everyone to be up there, and don’t forget the giant, ridiculous smiles. Have access to a beach? Have everyone wear their best clothes and slowly walk backward into the water. Okay, maybe pick up some good clothes at the thrift store and then do that one.

  • Creative Family Portraits
  • Or, on the exceedingly rare off chance that you don’t find any inspiration in the awkward family picture ideas that you see online, and you just want to create your own, go ahead. Just keep a few things in mind that make those photos so darn awkward.

    1. Remember the BIG, ridiculously broad grins.
    2. Just like the grins, bug out your eyes until it feels weird. That’s just the right amount.
    3. Placing a hand on a shoulder is kind of awkward, photos of hugs is weirder.
    4. Have any pets? Be sure to include them in with the fun!
    5. A picture with only one person looking very clearly upset (either in the middle of, just about to, or just finishing crying works best), with the others seemingly oblivious.

Stop boring your extended family and friends with standard holiday pictures that everyone has seen before. Instead, give them something new and different, and something to talk about. By sending bizarre family photos as greeting cards, putting a framed copy on your desk at work, or even just having them hanging on the wall in your home, people will be much more interested in your family portraits then, and it will be a great conversation starter, if nothing else.

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