Family Portrait Advice From the Viewpoint of a Photographer

Family pictures

Looking for a fun, creative family picture idea? The possibilities are virtually endless, which can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, there are so many poses, places, color schemes and themes to choose from…on the other, the amount of choices can become a bit overwhelming. Let us walk through some options together to narrow down the field and get on track to conjuring the perfect family pictures for your family.

I have been a professional photographer for twenty years, so I have been confronted with so many different family picture ideas. Not all of them turned out to be great ideas (in fact, some were rather strange), but I am surprised all the time by how I continue to get approached with new ideas, even after all these years.

When it comes to family picture ideas, I am rather fond, personally, of outdoor shots. It may just be a stylistic preference, but nothing beats the look of natural light, and there really is no better backdrop for a family portrait than a beautiful, organic setting. When it comes to a family picture idea, I would suggest something in front of a waterfall, outside of a barn, in a town park, or even a rooftop (if you live in an urban area).

Another wonderful family picture idea is to do separate shots. Of course you will want shots of the entire family together as a group, but there are so many lovely opportunities in shooting individual portraits as well. Some of the best prints I have ever done are not of the entire family together, but of the children in their respective elements.

The last family picture idea I will offer pertains to how you choose to represent your family. Plenty of my clients prefer the classic tall to short lineup with proper smiles and posture (not that there is anything wrong with that), but some of the best shots (not to mention most enjoyable for all involved) have come from the family goofing off, or just being their uninhibited selves. That is a family picture idea that not only provides fun, high quality pictures, but also will breathe some of the unique characteristics and dynamics of your family into your prints.

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