Finding a Room for Rent in London

London spare room

Did you know that Greater London encompasses an area of over 611 square miles, or about 1,500 kilometers? There is a plaque in the St Martins in the Fields Church that marks the exact center of London. London is beautiful metropolitan area to live in. It is easy to commute throughout the city by using public transportation, which includes the tube as well as the famed double decker buses. Most buses run throughout the night as well, helping London to be known for its exciting nightlife. Many people are looking for London spare rooms for rent.

If you are interested in finding spare rooms in London to rent, keep in mind that many prices can be negotiated. It all depends on what you want. Prices for things like pets and removal of furniture are especially easy to talk down. Rooms in London are, of course, rather expensive, but it is perfectly possible to find a a London spare room, especially if you are fine with living with several roommates, since the cost of renting tends to go down the more flat mates you have.

Because the city is so big, your choices when it comes to location for your London spare room are pretty expansive. Keep in mind that some areas of the city are safer than others. London, however, is not known to be a particularly dangerous city so you should be able to find something that is relatively safe in an easily accessible area. If you rent a room in London, look for apartments located close to public transportation lines, unless you have a car. A fast and easy walk to the bus stop or tube will eliminate a lot of worry over people hassling you on the way, and will be a welcome brief distance during the cold winter months.

There are many universities located in the London area and student accommodation london is often needed. It is fairly easy to locate other students to go in on a flat. Also keep in mind that there are multiple ways to find London spare rooms. Many online sites exist to help you out.

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