Get Creative With Your Family Pictures This Year

Family picture

Are you planning a family picture but would rather avoid the standard white shirts and jeans look that so many families have on their living room walls? Think outside of the box this year by uncovering a family picture idea or two that will blow the rest out of the water. Just follow these tips first.

Think of the kind of people you are as a family. This will bring about some cool family picture ideas that you could get really creative with. For example, are you all die hard fans of a particular sport or team? Do you all share a passion for hiking, fishing or other outdoor activities? Are some members of your family in love with one team and the rest in awe of another? Think of some themes that could run through your family pictures here. Whoever is taking these family pictures will be amazed at what you have come up with, and so will those looking at the photos after they have been framed and mounted on the wall of your living room.

Additionally think about the venue you wish to use. Studios are perfectly fine, but if you live by the water or the mountains and you feel a great background scene would work perfectly for your family, say so. Chances are good the photographer you work with has been there before and could offer some more insight into what could make your family pictures even better. Or, if you love your home and want to showcase it, have the photographer come by and see whether family pictures would look good there. The entire family should be at ease, so wherever everyone is comfortable is best for producing the highest quality family pictures.

Prior to the shoot, ask yourself and your family members some questions about it as well. Get the entire family involved, since everyone will be in the picture. See what everyone wants to wear, determine whether a theme will run through it or whether it will be more haphazard in nature, and see where everyone wants the shoot to occur. To make it even more interesting, have everyone vote on their favorites. Then, once results are tallied the majority will rule. If there is a two way tie, you could change halfway through the shoot and have two dynamic family pictures instead of just the standard one your family has been getting taken for years.

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