Milestones For Your Baby

Baby nurse agency

When you welcome your baby into the world, every milestone becomes an event in and of itself. Upon birth, your babys eyes are approximately 75 percent of their adult size and their vision averages around 20 over 400. A mere six months later and your babys vision will have reached 20 over 20. At times it seems your baby is growing and developing new traits on a daily basis. During this time of daily transformation, your baby will soon develop the senses necessary to recognize you with eye contact and a social smile. In fact, within the first six to eight weeks of your babys life, your baby will likely begin cooing, too.

For new parents or parents who have to go back to work around this tender time in your childs life, many enlist the help of a baby nurse. A baby nurse Atlanta is a newborn care specialist who is typically a non medical professional although some are registered nurses. A baby nurse Atlanta can be contracted through a baby nurse agency, and care for newborns through several weeks or months. A baby nurse Atlanta can help you establish eating and sleeping routines. A baby nurse Atlanta can also help you with swaddling, bathing, and diaper changes (you may need help with diapers; the average baby goes through approximately 7,500 diapers each year)!

An experienced baby nurse Atlanta can ease the transition of welcoming a new baby into your home. For parents with minimal experience in adapting their lifestyles to a newborn, a baby nurse Atlanta could be especially helpful. Get more on this here.

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