The Top Reasons Why You Should Consult A Locksmith

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Burglaries are a constant concern for everyone, especially those living in crowded, urban cities. An issue that goes hand in hand with burglaries, of course, is our seeming inability to keep track of keys. With the average person losing about nine items a day, one-third of respondents to a poll reported spending 15 minutes a day searching for items ranging from cell phones to paperwork, and especially keys. It?s no wonder ? Americans often carry several sets of keys at once, including the all-important car and house keys. For this reason, it?s extremely important to keep in touch with a local locksmith service ? for several reasons.

The Importance Of Keeping Copies

Did you know that an estimated 2 million people were locked out of their homes in 2012? Locks and locksmiths obviously go hand in hand, and it?s true that you can have a locksmith help you get into your home should you be locked out. But you?re better off contacting a locksmith before you really need one. By having a locksmith make you a set or even two sets of backup keys, you can ensure that you?re less vulnerable to being locked out of your house. This is especially helpful for people who find themselves coming home at late hours, when locksmiths may not be readily available.

When To Change Your Locks

If you have lost your house keys or the keys to an important safe, you may want to change your locks. Many find that what seems like misplaced keys are in fact ?lost? due to a theft. Others gave their keys to people they no longer trust, and wish to prevent that person from invading their homes. That being said, home invasions are not the only incidents that a locksmith can help prevent. Many locksmiths offer a car key service that extends beyond duplicating keys. Car locks can be replaced, meaning that those with old keys can no longer open your car. This is an increasingly important concern, with 2013 seeing 20% of drivers claiming to have their car keys stolen.

Emergency Lock And Safe Systems

An emergency lock and safe system can also be put in place by your locksmith. Many of these locking systems can act as a back-up to initial locks, ensuring that, should the first lock fail, a second will prevent burglary. With 59% of burglaries in 2013 resulting from forced entry, some of these emergency lock and safe systems are also more durable, standing up to force in a way that typical locks can?t.

It?s time to take personal security seriously, especially when it comes to your home and your car. Not only does this protect your personal belongings, but your sense of well-being. Only once you?re completely secure can you go about your day relaxed and ready to work.

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