The Bunk Bed Reimagined

Bunk beds

Bunk beds have changed a lot in the past years. Even more so, if you believe the rumor that they were originally a space saving innovation of the ancient Egyptians. While your last experience with a bunk bed may have been slightly more recent than the time of the Pharaohs, some of the latest trends in bunk beds may still surprise you. Here are just a few.

  • Mix and Match. Did you know that the two mattresses do not necessarily have to be the same size? Many of us think of the old fashioned twin bunk beds, but nowadays you can find not just larger models, like Full Over Full bunk beds, but also (more…)

11 Aug 2013

Military housing for rent —- WATCH VIDEO



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01 Aug 2013

The Best and Most Affordable Family Picture Ideas

Family picture ideas

It is not every day that families get together to have formal family pictures taken. This is especially true when children grow up and move out the house. When it comes to extended family pictures that include spouses, children, and even grandparents, it may only happen once or twice in a lifetime. Regardless of the frequency with which your family has family pictures taken, it will always be costly.

Although costs for family photo packages vary by photographer and the contents of each package, if a family can get a comprehensive package for 250 dollars or less, that is a bargain! This means that most high quality family picture sessions will cost at least 300 bucks; and given the fact that your family does not have their picture taken often, you want to be certain that you choose the most appropriate f (more…)

31 Jul 2013

Hanford furniture —- WATCH VIDEO

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19 Jul 2013

Best Nest Home Furnishings in Virginia Beach Virginia


Best Nest Home Furnishings

4640 Shore Drive

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23455

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With a combined 40 years in the home furnishings industry we can help you with any home decorating project large or small. We specialize in coastal inspired d├ęcor, retail furniture and home accessories, but offer traditional and transitional styles as well to suit a variety of taste.

07 Jul 2013

Ideas For Fun Family Pictures

Family picture ideas

Family pictures are definitely a great way to keep memories safe and watch the progress of each person going through life. Family pictures may seem like torture to young kids, and a pain to most adults, so here are some fun family picture ideas to make them enjoyable.

Take them outside! No matter the weather. If you have access to a waterproof camera, taking a picture in the rain while making ridiculously miserable faces may prove to be a lot of fun for the whole family. The kids will love the idea of making faces and it will be easier for them to pay attention.

Otherwise any sunny day makes for a great outdoor photo. Take one seasonally as well. A compilation of pictures looks beautiful and shows what the family looks like with the passing of the year. It can be great to make into greeting cards as we (more…)

01 Jul 2013

Family Portrait Advice From the Viewpoint of a Photographer

Family pictures

Looking for a fun, creative family picture idea? The possibilities are virtually endless, which can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, there are so many poses, places, color schemes and themes to choose from…on the other, the amount of choices can become a bit overwhelming. Let us walk through some options together to narrow down the field and get on track to conjuring the perfect family pictures for your family.

I have been a professional photographer for twenty years, so I have been confronted with so many different family picture ideas. Not all of them turned out to be great ideas (in fact, some were rather strange), but I am surprised all the time by how I continue to get approached with new ideas, even after all these years.

When it comes to family picture ideas, I am rather fond, personally, of outdoor shots. It may just be a stylistic preference, but nothing beats the look of natural light, and there really is no better backdrop for a family portrait than a beautiful, organic setting. When it comes to a family picture idea, I would suggest something in front of a waterfall, outside of a barn, in a town park, or even a rooftop (if you live in an urban area).

Another wonderful family picture idea is to do separate shots. Of course you will want shots of the entire family together as a group, but there are so many lovely opportunities in shooting individual portraits as well. Some of the best prints I have ever done are not of the entire family together, but of the children in their respective elements.

The last family picture idea I will offer pertains to how you choose to represent your family. Plenty of my clients prefer the classic tall to short lineup with proper smiles and posture (not that there is anything wrong with that), but some of the best shots (not to mention most enjoyable for all involved) have come from the family goofing off, or just being their uninhibited selves. That is a family picture idea that not only provides fun, high quality pictures, but also will breathe some of the unique characteristics and dynamics of your family into your prints.

18 Jun 2013

Several Interesting and Fun Family Picture Ideas

Family picture ideas

Are you looking for family picture ideas? Family photos are a great way to record your family in a moment of time, and create something that can be shared with friends and family. Now that social media is popular, it also becomes an option for profile pictures and more.

If you are looking for holiday card appropriate photos, the typical pose in front of a Christmas tree shot is pretty overdone. Most people know it is Christmas time anyway, so why not showcase something fun you have all done together in your photo? These family picture ideas can range from shots of everyone posed next to a sandcastle they made together at the beach, to a photo of the family museum adventure and everyone standing next to a giant stuffed bear. Instead of just telling you that your family looks great, your card receivers will also be asking, so how was that trip to California, anyway?

You can get a lot of neat family picture ideas by looking at what other people have posted online. For example, a shot of a newborn father taking a push up with his baby on back is a very interesting yet poignant shot. Family pictures do not always have to include the entire family, but can instead focus on illustrating the deep ties between different members.

One recommendation for family picture ideas that I find particularly interesting is, make your photos funny. After all, you only live once, and copies of your photos can be a lot funnier to share if there is a bigger story behind them. My aunt has a friend who has pulled off some shenanigans with her family. Some of the funnier examples include hiring kids and adults that looked like her family, and having them as the family photo. The best part is their kids did not even realize it was not then. When did we go there? They asked her. A less zany idea is to take normal pictures in strange places. For example, a traditional shot of a family posed on a sofa together… except the sofa is in their front yard.

17 Jun 2013

Families Seek Advice on Family Issues

Family issues

Many people would describe their home lives as happy. Although every family is different from every other family, independent studies conducted by major research universities and major research institutions suggest that the vast majority of happy families share a few common traits. For example, these studies suggest that families in which the mother and father are not divorced have fewer family issues on average than families in which the mother and father are divorced. To cite another example, these same studies also suggest that families which have between two and four children typically have fewer family issues on average than families which have no children, only one child, or more than four children.

It is not hard to understand why families in which the father and mother are not divorced have fewer family issues than other families in which the father and mother are divorced. When the father and mother in a family still live together, the children do not have to schedule their lives around parental visits. In other words, the children can participate in as many activities as they please because they know that they will never have to climb into the car on Saturday and drive three hours down the road in order to visit their father or mother.

Furthermore, it is also easy to understand why families which have between two and four children have fewer family issues than families which have no children, only one child, or more than four children. Families which have no children often complain that they are lonely and that their houses and apartments are too quiet. Families which only have one child often voice the same complaint. Families which have more than four children often have the opposite complaint; they complain that their house is too loud and disrupting and that their children are eating them out of house and home.

These families often become so distressed that they are forced to seek family help or help family problems. These families seek out family issues help online, and they discover doctors and therapists who can offer advice on family issues, family problems, family disagreements, and other family issues that might prevent them from being as happy as they possibly could be. Unfortunately, however, these independent studies conducted by major research universities suggest that very few families seek this specialized advice on family issues because most of these experts who offer advice on family issues charge high rates for their services that many families simply cannot afford to pay for advice on family issues and problems. If these families still need advice on family issues, they are advised to consult magazines and internet resources which offer advice on family issues. These resources offer advice on family issues which is often as helpful as specialized advice on family issues offered by experts.

13 Jun 2013

Reduce the Dangers of Home Intrusion with ADT Security

Adt pa

Did you know that almost half of all home burglaries in the United States take place in the South, while only about 11 percent occur in the Northeast, and 21 percent in the Midwest and West regions combined? There are all kinds of statistics about robberies and other crimes that people tend to take too much at face value.

Just because statistics show that burglars prefer to target single family, detached homes in corner lots does not mean that a third floor condominium is immune to burglary. In fact, many burglars are clever enough to pose as maintenance people or other service professionals, and can succeed during broad daylight. In fact, statistics show that burglars prefer to “work” during the hours between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.; of course, this does not mean that some nefarious character will not slip in through your bathroom window at 2:30 in the morning. In actuality, you never know if, when, or where a burglar will strike, which means that any home will benefit from an ADT security system.

Fortunately, the best home security, like Adt security systems, are widely available at any merchant that sells home security systems. For homeowners looking for ADT Pennsylvania, they can turn to ADT Wilkes Barre PA for all of their home security needs. The bottom line is, regardless of what the statistics show, every home is vulnerable to the dangers posed by intruders. By investing in Adt security pa, you will never find yourself quoted on the new saying “stuff like this never happens in this neighborhood.” Read more:

12 Jun 2013