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As Hurricane Season Approaches, Here’s How You Can Support the Red Cross

Red cross donations

As hurricane season approaches, the Red Cross is preparing to help anyone who will be affected. For all kinds of emergencies, from traffic accidents to home fires to large natural disasters, the Red Cross is one of the most trusted organizations in the U.S. Helping people affected by fire, flood or accidents is not new to them. They’ve been around for over a hundred years, and are still going strong. Anyone waiting to help with their work can do so in a number of ways, from organizing fundraisers and volunteering to donating clothes via a Red Cross clothing pick up to help fund their programs.

A historic mission to help those in need
The American Red Cross was founded in 1881 by Clara Barton to help people in need, in the U.S. and around the world. It continues its missio (more…)

03 Aug 2017

How Donating To Charities Makes An Impact On The Community

Red cross clothing pick up

How often do you go shopping every year? If you were to break it down into how many times you go shopping every month or every week, would the number be higher than necessary? Most Americans have too many clothes in their closets. They have drawers full of clothes they wear every once in awhile or maybe never at all. They have multiple pairs of shoes and maybe even more than one winter coat for when it is colder. With so many extra shopping trips and extra clothes in our closets, it is time we all consider clothing donations like holding a Red Cross clothing pick up charity.

If you had to guess, could you estimate how much clothing you purchase every year? Could you total it together to estimate how much clothing Americans across the country purchase every year? The number is actually quit (more…)

03 Jul 2017

Make a Difference in Your Community by Donating Clothing to the American Red Cross

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Have you been gathering items that you and your family no longer wear to make an American Red Cross clothing donation? Were you aware that these items can collected by a Red Cross clothing pick up?

When you plan to donate clothes to Red Cross, GreenDrop can conveniently provide a Red Cross clothing pick up for you. In addition to providing this service, GreenDrop also has roughly 30 free-standing locations. On a weekly basis, they collect an average of 100 tons of clothing donations for various charitable organizations.

As you’re most likely aware, the American Red Cross prov (more…)

05 Jun 2017

4 Reasons to Make Red Cross Donations a Priority

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It?s always important to give back to society. You might enjoy volunteering time at a homeless shelter, or maybe you spend Saturdays volunteering at a local humane society. One way that we can all give back on an annual basis is through donations to charities like the American Red Cross. Red cross donations can be a variety of items from clothes to household items and products. On any given day, you can probably walk through your home or apartment and put together a bag of items you?re no longer using or you?ve never used and make a plan to donate them.

In America today, 70 percent of people donate something to a charity each year. Whether they donate clothes or house items(more…)

07 May 2017

Planning the Perfect Charity Fundraising Event

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Are you looking for a way to make a difference in your community? There are many reasons that people organize charitable events and organizations. Some do it for employment or academic reasons, perhaps to add to the application process of a highly selective college. Others do it purely out of the compassion and empathy they have for others. Some are simply bored and looking for a way to spend their day. Then, there are a large percentage of people who have a mix of any of those reasons. Regardless of your desire to organize a charitable event, keep these planning suggestions in mind.

Host with a reputable charitable organization

People tend to believe in a charity and to donate more, when they believe in that charity. It can be extremely helpful to host your charitable event with a well kno (more…)

06 Apr 2017

3 Mentalities Towards Donating and How to Make it a Better Experience

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Donating can either be a burden or a blessing, depending on how you view it. There are several ways that you could look at donating, whether it’s with American red cross donations or the Salvation Army or some other kind of charity. Here are a few viewpoints that people have. Some are negative and summer positive. Try and see where you fit in and how you could make donating a more positive experience.

I feel guilty about throwing clothes away.
These kinds of people don’t really understand all the good that clothing donations do. When you donate clothes to Red Cross, they are helping so many people. But those of us that only donate because we feel bad throwing our clothes away don’t really see those (more…)

07 Sep 2016

Donating Used Toys and Clothing Helps Those in Need

Donate household items

As you prepare to send your children back to school this fall, have you taken time to think about those people less fortunate than your family? While your children are heading out the door in new clothes with new backpacks filled with every possible school supply, there are children in your community much less fortunate.

Before you attack the kids’ closets, shelves and cupboards with a trash bag in hand, consider carefully sorting through the unused items and consider the option to donate toys and clothing to those in need. While you r son left school today in a brand new pair of brand name athletic shoes, there is likely some boy not too far from you that is still wearing his outgrown shoes from last year. So old that they are impossible to get clean, the shoes make his feet smell in spite of a bath. (more…)

29 Aug 2015

3 Household Items You Should be Recycling

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When most of us think of recycling, we think of collecting cans and bottles in bins and putting them out in front of the house for pick up or dropping them at a local recycling center. While recycling cans, bottles, and other things that might otherwise get thrown in the trash is great, there are other things in your home that you may not have known you can recycle. And, many of these items can be used as donations for non profit organizations to help those in need. So, if you have any of these things laying around the house, don’t throw them out! Find out how and where you can recycle them, you’ll be glad you did!

Common Recyclable Items in Your Home:


Did you know that 12 million tons of clothing and textile waste is thrown in the tr (more…)

12 Aug 2015

Clothing Donations Help Those Who Need It the Most

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Though we may not always witness poverty and homelessness firsthand, the fact remains that there is a tragic number of homeless people in the United States. The figures are devastating. According to a 2013 study completed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, more than 600,000 homeless people are out on the streets on any given night. Nearly 25% of them are children and nearly 15% live together as families. Despite our status as the wealthiest country in the world, there are more than 500,000 people living on the bare edges of society, just clinging by and struggling to survive.

However, the situation is not hopeless. There are ways to combat the widespread homelessness found all over the nation. One way ordinary citizens can help the cause is by (more…)

06 Feb 2015