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What Can an Adjustable Bed Do For You?

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If you find yourself having trouble sleeping at night because of your mattress, you may be ready for an adjustable bed. These innovative new sleep solutions can be adjusted (as the name suggests) into different positions, allowing a more customizable, comfortable sleeping arrangement.

But that’s not all. Here’s what else you should know.

Because Adjustible Beds Can Help Relieve Pressure Off of Problem Areas.

Did you know that according to the American Chiropractic Association, 80-90% of the American population suffers from back pain? This pain can make it difficult to achieve a good night’s sleep already, but it’s often made worse by certain sleep positions, which can put about 50 extra pounds of weight on the spine. Luckily, adjustible beds can help (more…)

03 Apr 2015

How Your Mattress Could Be Harming Your Health

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There are numerous reasons the average person might have trouble falling asleep at night: stress, pain, noise or other distractions, even too much caffeine. Whatever the reason for their insomnia, a full night’s sleep is obviously a simple and important way of promoting good health, so many people still try to get some sleep. If they keep tossing and turning, however, they might start considering sleep medication and other methods of ensuring that they sleep better at night. But if you’re one of the many people who wants to promote good health but would prefer to use natural ways to sleep better, a simple fact may surprise: it might be your mattress that is preventing you from sleeping well.

The fact is that the natural S-shaped curve of the human back simply isn’t supported by the average flat mat (more…)

22 Mar 2014

Having Trouble Sleeping? Try an Adjustable Bed!

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Have you been having trouble getting a good night sleep? If you are, you are not alone. Research says that approximately 2/3 of all Americans report having sleep problems and do not feel rested for the day. What is keeping you from sleep? Lower back pain is a major cause of sleeplessness. Other cause are mild arthritis, poor circulation in the legs, swelling of the legs (edema), heartburn, gastric reflux and possible hiatus hernia. Proper diet and exercise can also be factors in sleep problems as well as promoting good health. In addition, the National Sleep Foundation reports that the leading medical reasons that prevent sleep are neck and back pain, headaches, and TMJ.

Have you considered buying an adjustable bed? Many people are finding relief from some of the symptoms, especially lower back pain (more…)

28 Feb 2014