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Get Creative With Your Family Pictures This Year

Family picture

Are you planning a family picture but would rather avoid the standard white shirts and jeans look that so many families have on their living room walls? Think outside of the box this year by uncovering a family picture idea or two that will blow the rest out of the water. Just follow these tips first.

Think of the kind of people you are as a family. This will bring about some cool family picture ideas that you could get really creative with. For example, are you all die hard fans of a particular sport or team? Do you all share a passion for hiking, fishing or other outdoor activities? Are some members of your family in love with one team and the rest in awe of another? Think of some themes that could run through your family pictures here. Whoever is taking these family pictures will be amazed at what you have come up with, and so will those looking at the photos after they have been framed and mounted on the wall of your living room.

Additionally think about the venue you wish to use. Studios are perfectly fine, but if you live by the water or the mountains and you feel a great background scene would work perfectly for your family, say so. Chances are good the photographer you work with has been there before and could offer some more insight into what could make your family pictures even better. Or, if you love your home and want to showcase it, have the photographer come by and see whether family pictures would look good there. The entire family should be at ease, so wherever everyone is comfortable is best for producing the highest quality family pictures.

Prior to the shoot, ask yourself and your family members some questions about it as well. Get the entire family involved, since everyone will be in the picture. See what everyone wants to wear, determine whether a theme will run through it or whether it will be more haphazard in nature, and see where everyone wants the shoot to occur. To make it even more interesting, have everyone vote on their favorites. Then, once results are tallied the majority will rule. If there is a two way tie, you could change halfway through the shoot and have two dynamic family pictures instead of just the standard one your family has been getting taken for years.

28 Feb 2013

Milestones For Your Baby

Baby nurse agency

When you welcome your baby into the world, every milestone becomes an event in and of itself. Upon birth, your babys eyes are approximately 75 percent of their adult size and their vision averages around 20 over 400. A mere six months later and your babys vision will have reached 20 over 20. At times it seems your baby is growing and developing new traits on a daily basis. During this time of daily transformation, your baby will soon develop the senses necessary to recognize you with eye contact and a social smile. In fact, within the first six to eight weeks of your babys life, your baby will likely begin cooing, too.

For new parents or parents who have to go back to work around this tender time in your childs life, many enlist the help of a baby nurse. A baby nurse Atlanta is a newborn care specialist who is typically a non medical professional although some are registered nurses. A baby nurse Atlanta can be contracted through a baby nurse agency, and care for newborns through several weeks or months. A baby nurse Atlanta can help you establish eating and sleeping routines. A baby nurse Atlanta can also help you with swaddling, bathing, and diaper changes (you may need help with diapers; the average baby goes through approximately 7,500 diapers each year)!

An experienced baby nurse Atlanta can ease the transition of welcoming a new baby into your home. For parents with minimal experience in adapting their lifestyles to a newborn, a baby nurse Atlanta could be especially helpful. Get more on this here.

20 Feb 2013

Don’t Get Your Picture Taken Until You Check Out These Fun Family Picture Ideas

Family pictures

Photographs are a frozen moment in time that can be revisited every time you open that photo album, open that drawer, or glimpse at that frame on the mantle. Capturing special moments or milestones is a great way to help preserve pieces of the past. With a family picture you can not only create a beautiful photograph of your whole family together to remember the family at a certain point in time, but you can have fun doing it at the same time.

Some families love getting their family picture taken and make it into a ritual. Other families may see it as something that they need to do, but that is not so fun or not so fun for everyone. And then there are other families who rarely or never have their family picture taken because they have a hard time coming up with a good family picture idea. All of these families above can benefit from some seriously creative, and sometimes crazy, family picture ideas to help get them in the spirit and get the most out of their family picture.

The main decisions that need to be considered when putting together a family picture composition are who the photographer will be, what the family will wear, and where the family will be located. Fun family picture ideas can include activities as well. For example, instead of a Christmas family photo with the family dressed in Christmas colors in front of a brightly lit Christmas tree, maybe the family could be dress as various characters from Santa’s workshop; Santa, elves, reindeer…you name it! Other family photo occasions can generate even greater creativity and the possibilities are endless.

Whether you just need some new family photo ideas for this years Christmas card or you are new to the whole family picture thing, but are a little interested in jumping on the family photo bandwagon you can find all sorts of family picture ideas. From serene settings to totally computer generated nutty backgrounds, you can browse through some excellent ideas for family pictures so that you can find the one that is perfect for yours.

19 Feb 2013

Save Money by Buying Used Office Furniture Orange County

Office chairs los angeles

A brand new small business is usually starting off with a small budget. It can take what seems like forever to make enough money to spend on office furniture. The good news is, you don’t have to turn a huge profit before you buy office furniture if you buy used office furniture orange county. Used office furniture can save the small business owner a ton of money. If you are really creative, you can find some really great used office furniture Los Angeles that will make your office look like it was professionally decorated. Used office furniture Orange County is easy to find too. Small business owners can even find used cubicles Orange County and all kinds of office chairs Los Angeles that are used, but still in great shape.

Since buying new office furniture may be out of the question for a small start up business, it is good to know you can get used office furniture Orange County for next to nothing. Business owners should consider buying used office furniture orange county that has been refurbished too. One word of caution though, make sure you take a look at used office furniture before buying it. You should go see used office furniture in person too. Don’t just settle for pictures of it that are sent to you online.

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16 Feb 2013

Looking for a Unique Family Picture Idea?

Family pictures

If you already have tons of family pictures you can get some new ideas by searching online through other family photos that people post. One way to use a new idea is through using different colors and outdoor settings. Here’s one family picture idea that is different. Go to your professional photographer and let her know what color you want used as a back drop. Then have all of your family members choose one contrasting color and then all dress in that color for your photo. Take black and white for instance. Have the backdrop all black and you and your family all dress in white. The have ask the photographer to help you all get into an interesting pose.

You can always choose a favorite spot outside somewhere to have you family photo taken too. Mother nature can be your backdrop. You can see how other people are doing their family pictures. You don’t have to go to a professional photographer if you are able to take your own family photos. You may want to look for a family picture idea on a professional photographer website though. There are all kinds of creative things you can use a new family picture idea for. Family photo calendars anyone?

All kinds of new family picture ideas are available if you just look around. Gone are the days of the posed family photo. How about a family outing in the park with close up shots of you and the kids playing touch football or catch? How about this family picture idea? Go to the petting zoo and get family photos of you and the kids with the animals. It can be a fun day and your family pictures will bring back fond memories when the kids all grow up.

If you see a family photo of someone else’s family that you particularly like take note of it and even write that family picture idea down. The next time you want to have family photos taken you can show your photographer your family picture idea that you like the best. With just a little forethought and planning you can make sure the family pictures you have taken all turn out to be unique. Don’t forget to frame your family photos and have them hung up on the wall. That way you can show everyone how you used unique family picture idea too.

06 Feb 2013

Sierra Regency in Roseville CA


Sierra Regency

1015 Madden Lane

Roseville, CA 95661

(916) 786-3173

Local Business Picture

Amid the tree filled beauty and serenity of Roseville, California, Sierra Regency, a retirement home, blends sophisticated services with resort style ambiance. As an established gated retirement community, Sierra Regency’s warm, friendly, and professionally trained staff has a fine reputation for providing the highest quality of services and hospitality in senior housing since opening in 1988.

06 Feb 2013