Remodeling Rooms on a Budget

Remodeling rooms in a home can be an expensive project. Considering the current rate of inflation, many find themselves in the position of having to handle money very carefully. If the desire or necessity arises to remodel certain rooms in the home, then it’ll be best if it’s managed in a way that will allow one to maintain control over what is done, and the costs involved. Also, if the remodeling is to be done with as little stress and as few disappointments as possible, then it’s imperative that certain steps be taken before and during the process. It’s also important to follow along as close to the outlined plan as possible.

The homeowner should first decide whether this is to be a modest project meant only for the satisfaction of the homeowner’s desire for change. Or is this remodeling job a functional necessity required for the home, adding comfort for the family? Making this decision will make a significant difference to the job and how it’s to be handled. However, no matter which decision is made, it’s always a profitable and wise idea to find out if the remodeling job will also increase the value of the home.

Begin With a Plan

Homeowners should always start with a plan, as there are several very important steps that must be taken before the job begins. The first step for remodeling is to be specific about what the job will incorporate. For instance, will the remodeling:

  • be done in one room or more than one room.
  • include re-sizing the room for more space.
  • include partial or complete paint jobs.
  • purchasing pieces of furniture or replacing all furnishings, and
  • be a job that a family member or friend could help to complete, or will it be necessary to hire a remodeling contractor?

Above are just a few basic things to consider and it could be said that this first step is one of the most important parts of a remodeling project. There are other factors to think about, such as floor installation (floor tiling, carpeting, or wood), HVAC installation (an air conditioner or HVAC system), or using painting professionals. What specifically is considered depends on the job that is to be done. The point is that before starting a remodeling project with a remodeling contractor, a significant amount of time and thought must be done so that a clear picture is established.

Estimate How Much You Can Afford

After it’s decided on what needs to be done, the next step is to consider an honest estimation of how much money is available to get the job done. Keep in mind that an overall estimate that includes everything that is to be done must be determined. When calculating finances, another factor to bear in mind is the unforeseen costs that can arise during the renovation process. For example, there could be structural problems in the home that the homeowner might not know about. These problems can consist of things that need to be updated before the job can be completed, such as plumbing issues or old wiring. Also, think about whether it may become necessary to leave the home for a certain amount of time during the process. This means added expenses will cause the cost of the project to rise, and it’s advised that 10 – 20% more be factored into the budget to cover these possible problems. After the total budget is decided, it must be followed, without wavering, throughout the process.

Some Helpful Research on the Home

When it comes to a home, it helps to know what can be done that increases the value of that home. After all, if money is to be spent, you should get as much value for that money as possible, so finding out what renovations will increase the home’s value is a sensible thing to do. When this is understood, it helps the homeowner to choose to renovate in a way that will add value to the home, while satisfying personal comforts and preferences at the same time. Taking the time to research this matter isn’t complicated, especially since the Internet provides all the information needed. For example, going to 5 Renovations That Increase Home Value ( gives ample facts about increasing the value of the home. Also, simply googling “what renovations increase home value” brings up more options from which to choose. Just know that this is another one of those helpful details to keep in mind while considering a remodeling job. Once it’s clear just what can be spent, the next step would be finding the experts to do the job.

Choosing the Experts

There are several ways to find contractors, but one of the most reliable ways to find them is through word of mouth: ask family members, friends, and neighbors who have used different contractors for specific projects. People who have used workers to do jobs in their homes are more likely to give accurate ratings of the contractors or companies used, good or bad. Checking this way also helps people to get the final price and rates for the jobs that were done.

The Internet is the other way to find companies that provide a home builder or luxury home builder, flooring services or flooring companies, or any other service that’s required. In any event, the homeowner will be responsible for making the ultimate choice, and they should have at least three companies or contractors from which to choose. When making the choice, consider this:

  • Discuss budget restrictions so the contractor understands the precise financial picture, and expect the contractor to explain what can and cannot be done within these financial constraints.
  • Has the contractor or representative listened attentively to your plans and requests for the task?
  • Does the contractor or representative understand your instructions and is able to insure the completion of the project on time and within the budget?
  • Has a comfortable and dependable relationship been established so that any necessary changes or arising problems can be discussed freely at any time during the process? Also, the homeowner should be able to depend on whomever they’re working with to inform them of any changes or problems that may arise on their end as well.
  • Be sure the contractor shows you all the materials that can be used for the project, including some that may be less expensive and do the job just as well.
  • Above all, the homeowner should feel confident that whoever is chosen can be relied upon to work until the project is completed within the time frame discussed, and they should feel free to discuss anything else that is important to them.

Once the contractor is chosen and the remodeling has begun, the homeowner must now spend the remaining time monitoring how the work is progressing. For instance, is the work being done in the way that the homeowner expects, and is it moving along in a timely fashion? Following the time frame is important because one of the ways frustrations will surely abound is when the job creeps along, and a pattern of delays becomes prominent that impedes the completion of the project.

Ways to Stay Within Your Budget

The most important factor when doing remodeling ventures is that the homeowner remains in complete control of the process from beginning to end, especially where finances are concerned. Whether you’re someone who has little knowledge about renovating or even if you’re someone who has done this work before, the key to maintaining control over your money and time and staying ahead of the process is familiarizing yourself with everything about the project through research. The following are useful, cost-effective suggestions to follow when starting a renovation project.

DIY Projects

It’s always a relief when homeowners can tackle most or all home renovations on their own. Of course, the most important factor when choosing this route is knowing exactly what needs to be done and how to do it. For everyone, there is abundant help on the Internet, from websites offering how-to guides that show precisely how to accomplish projects, design project software, and videos on Bing and YouTube that show in detail how to do makeovers on any part of the home. However, caution must prevail as it should be honestly assessed just how knowledgeable a person is before they embark on doing renovations on their own.

Part DIY Projects/Part Contractor

Perhaps you’ll find that some parts of the job you can do but help will be needed for other parts of the job. Money can be saved by accomplishing the project using this method. The important thing is that the job is done correctly, so homeowners should give thought to which way works best for them.

Become Familiar with Materials and Supplies Needed

Whether DIY or hiring a contractor, homeowners should acquaint themselves with the materials and supplies that will be needed. The more that’s known about resources, the more input can be applied when it comes to choosing or purchasing products. Incidentally, there are recycled products available that can be useful when cutting costs, so make inquiries about where these can be found.

Plan to Set Up a Renovation-Free Area

Another way to save money is to conduct the remodeling in a way that will leave areas free to be used during the renovations. Perhaps it can be set up to remodel one part of the house while leaving the other part to be used by the family. In this way, the homeowner can avoid having to spend money on hotel rooms or possibly paying money to a family member or friend to stay with them.

Handle Your Own Garbage Disposal

Renting a dumpster to handle the disposal of garbage might be a more economical way instead of relying on the contracting company to dispose of the garbage. Generally, it costs approximately $300 – $500 a week to rent a dumpster, depending on the size and length of time needed. Check with the contractor or company you’re working with to find out their rates and decide which way will work best.


Here is an area that many may be able to do themselves. If so, labor expenses can be crossed off the list, leaving only the cost of purchasing the paint. It may also be that the expense for a paint job could be split between the homeowner and the contractor, but in this case, the homeowner can still save by purchasing the paint.

Home Improvement Government Grants

If the homeowner is disabled, a veteran, or a senior citizen, another prospect to check into is government grants issued for home improvement. The superb thing about grants is they don’t have to be repaid. Of course, the eligibility stipulations must be met but it’s worth the effort and time to find out more information. Find out more at Get Home Improvement Grants ( With grants, it’s possible the renovation could be funded partially or totally.

The Bottom Line

Maintaining control of a home remodeling project is the most important aspect of the project. There are many suggestions and important advice given here to help a homeowner master the job and get it done in a timely and satisfactory way. However, do keep in mind that flexibility in the timeline must also be included as events and problems will likely occur during the process. When this happens, the homeowner must be flexible enough to be able to rearrange the timeline in a way that doesn’t throw the project off schedule too much, and doesn’t negatively impact the budget. Also, plan the remodeling jobs according to the money that’s available. Perhaps doing one or two projects at a time will be better than doing all the renovations at the same time.

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