How to Add Luxury to your Home

An ideal world demands that you hire professional designers to creatively add luxury to your living space. Sometimes you may find yourself longing for more sophistication, luxury and comfort in your home. For this to happen, you may have to go deep into your pockets or dive into your creative mind to come up with hacks to achieve the goal of luxurious living space. The following are ways in which you can add luxury to your house.

1. Introduce Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is a key component in setting up the stage for your house interiors. Whether you are revamping your house for personal enjoyment or for sale, beautiful lawns go a long way in boosting the house’s value.

Lawn care plays a major role in enhancing curb appeal. Regular lawn treatment includes raking off leaves, mowing grass, weeding and keeping the lawn sufficiently watered to avoid brown spots, among other undesirable lawn traits. Consider having artificial turf or shrub beds if you live in an area with grass growing challenges.

2. Give your Sofa a Luxury Makeover

A couch, sofa or settee is one of the places you are likely to spend considerable amounts of time, be it for the purpose of reading a book, curling up in front of the fireplace or just watching a movie. A cozy couch will do justice to your house.

One of the ways you can add a touch of class to your house is by sprucing up your current sofa. There are several ways to achieve this.

You can replace or re-stuff the cushions of none-sewn-on cushions, paint old sofas, buy new cushions for the sofa, and group cushions together at one end of your sofa.

You can also move the sofa to a different location, especially off the walls, and then add a new throw to it, re-cover seat pads, and change the sofa feet to instantaneously give it a luxurious look.

3. Kid-friendly Décor

Safety is one of the key concerns when thinking of kids’ furniture and incorporating luxury into your house. Furniture with rounded edges is considered safer than sharp-edged furniture.

One such friendly kids furniture is an ottoman. A coffee table upholstered with a stylish ottoman is safe for a space shared with kids. The kids can play around it without the risk of injury from sharp edges. It also doubles up as an excellent footrest.

4. Exterior Furnishings

The exterior of the house should be appealing enough to gently introduce one to the interior. It’s an inanimate spectacle that should appear inviting without looking intimidating.

There are many ways to incorporate house siding in your home improvement venture. You can redesign the house entry by paving and giving it a fresh coat of paint, laying the walkways with bricks, cobblestones, colorful scented flowers and floor lighting to exude a romantic ambience.

House siding ideas can also include upgrading windows and doors. These essential features have the potential of dumbing down a would-be-luxurious house. Consider replacing shabby-looking windows and old doors with modern ones to prevent water and air leaks.

5. Include Some Greenery

The outdoors ought to be eye-catching if at all the goal is to make the house look more glam. Carefully select the plants to create excellent outdoor scenery. Add some fruit trees to enhance the aesthetic value of your home and to provide much-needed nutrition.

Vertical gardening can spruce up your outdoors. Hydroponic farming requires less effort when dealing with self-propagating vegetables. However, an array of flowers can create an award-winning sophistication outdoors.

6. Consider Hydrograss for Luxurious Lawns

When dealing with an extensive house exterior, it is prudent to consider hydrograss. The technique involves minimal handling of seeds, water or mulching mixture.

Seed growth is determined by many things: constant moisture, sun warmth, and non-burning fertilizer. It is critical to prevent puddling and the drying of grass, hence the installation of sprinklers to deal with erratic water supply.

Hydrograss can be replanted in sparse areas to give the lawns a luxurious look. It can also be used in slow-growing areas, steep grounds and shade areas for an even lawn.

7. Install Smart Lights

Installing smart lights in your house upgrades it into a smart, luxurious home. It effectively adds a touch of sophistication, convenience and functionality to a house. It also upgrades the interiors to match your sense of style.

Smart lights make life easier. Using motion detectors, light sensors and programmed settings allows you to set scenes in different segments of the house. It lifts the burden of having to recall to-do tasks such as switching on the porch lights and turning them off.

8. Using Lights as Décor

One can use lights to enhance the outdoor entertainment experience. Spending time on the pool deck, porch or backyard can be a wonderful experience, with lights providing an alluring backdrop.

You can enjoy small and large events, or normal daily activities, by simply controlling the light system to achieve the desired ambience and mood.

9. Luxury Roofing Services

You can add luxury to your house by upgrading the pre-existing roof with designer-quality shingles. Such an upgrade will give you a top-tier service, even when you need an aesthetic change to the roofing structure. Top-tier roofing services come with superior roof warranty and on-site customer care service.

Always keep in mind the relative cost of installing complex roofing structures. Factors such as high pitches, the number of valleys/peaks, the type and availability of your shingles, and unique aesthetic designs contribute considerably to the overall cost.

10. Water Treatment Systems

You can add luxury to a home by installing an appropriate or custom water-treatment system. The system should address your water filtration needs. If your house needs iron water filters or a consistent flow of soft water, install tanks that handle the need. You can also install an efficient reverse osmosis system to reduce waste and improve the taste.

Proper water treatment systems give your home a dream-like status, a spa-like experience, and a perfect coffee cup, not forgetting the sparkling drinking water.

11. Install Temporary Wallpaper

Adhesive wallpaper can create luxurious spaces in your house. You can carve out home offices from busy spaces in the house using temporary wallpapers.

You can achieve a fresh look by experimenting with new patterns and colours for different rooms. You can also use wallpapers to revamp an otherwise dull room. With the right wallpaper, you can create functional, luxurious living spaces.

12. Add High-end Touches to your House

Add a few high-end touches to the interior of the house. Start by incorporating high-end materials such as solid wood, antique gold, and marble throughout the house, swapping modern ornaments for vintage books to instantly upgrade your décor.

13. Creating Open Spaces

One way of making your house feel luxurious is to create open spaces. You can pull this off by decluttering, rearranging and investing in ingenious storage solutions.

Enlarging preexisting rooms or creating entirely new spaces such as a home extension can add luxury to your home. The caution here is that you should always seek professional advice before undertaking home improvement projects.

14. Home Upgrades Financing

There are three major financial options for home upgrades: loans, cash, and paying as you go. Each option has its pros and cons. Hence, it’s expedient to always do due diligence before embarking on a home upgrade project.

Select a loan program that will not deplete your emergency funds with unsustainably high-interest rates. Several renovation loan programs demand that you have a construction plan before mortgage approval.

15. Drain Cleaning

Unattended drains can taint the style, class and sophistication of your house. Drain cleaning will get rid of clogs and backups from your drains. Regular and timely attendance of drains leaves your house with free-flowing water that serves sewers and internal drains. It also eliminates foul odors so you can introduce aromas that are synonymous with luxury living.

Among signs that you need drain cleaning services are slow-moving drains, sounds emanating from behind walls, and perennial plumbing issues, among others.

16. Declutter your House

Mess and clutter are un-chic. Having a stylish mantelpiece or bookshelf is not enough, and placing too many items on it makes it look chaotic and cheap. Aim at editing your priced collections to select favorites that exude class.

17. Hacks for Creating Luxurious Living Spaces

If you are on a shoestring budget, here are carefully selected hacks for adding luxury to your home:


Layering objects, fabrics and textures onto your living space has the advantage of creating sophistication. Luxurious homes have layers of candles, books on coffee tables, expensive rug coverings, and hardwood furniture, among others. Hanging curtains close to the ceiling and running them all the way to the floor has a way of adding glamour to a room.

Give your Doors a Black Paint Makeover

Giving interior doors black paint instantly makes them look and feel classy. However, make sure the accessorizing accent pieces feature colors that complement each other. The idea is to evoke a sense of fluid movement from the door to other areas in the room, with each color or accent gently guiding your eyes to the next area of focus.

It’s important to contrast black with lighter colors and fades to give the space a sense of continuity. When overdone, black can be extremely intense and overwhelming, and that’s why you need to soften it with other subtle colors and accents.

Choose a Neutral Color Palette

A neutral color palette has the advantage of creating luxurious spaces while breathing sophistication into a space. To pull off a makeover, just swap small accessories and move furniture around to give the room a fresh look and feel.

Neutral colors are great for their versatility. They work with most decor items in a home, providing contrast whenever needed and shyly blending in if that’s the impression you want to make.

Go for Over-stuffed Large Pillows

Unlike small throw pillows, over-stuffed large pillows complement your sofa to create a luxurious living space. Carefully select the pillow covers and make sure they smell class and sophistication.

Utilize Mirrors in your Living Space

Using mirrors in small spaces accentuates the living space, creating illusions of space in small spaces. Strategically placing mirrors behind décor items such as large flower vases amplifies them, so is them in corners and behind couches to create an illusion of grand luxurious spaces.

Adding Texture to Walls

Instead of painting a wall, how about covering it with a grasscloth to give it a classy look and feel? The grass covering introduces an element of drama and warmth to an otherwise plain room. The good thing is that it’s not expensive, and yet it is sufficient to give your space class and a luxurious flair.

Brighten up the Room with an Interesting Light Fixture

The general view of a room is hugely impacted by your choice of light fixtures. An interesting light fixture can double up as a centrepiece as well as a light source. Consider a light fixture that accentuates your style and enhances the ambience of the space.


When considering a luxury makeover for your home, take your time to access each space and its needs. Decide how you want every room or space in your home to look and feel.

While your budget will determine what you can and cannot do, a bit of creativity and ingenuity goes a long way in adding luxury to your house. Nonetheless, your budget should tell you what you can and cannot buy.

The first step in adding luxury to your home is by looking around and identifying what needs to be totally overhauled or refurbished or even thrown away. Give yourself timelines and targets that strictly reside within your budget.

While at it, decide how you want to finance the makeover. Get appropriate professionals to handle the different aspects so that each deals with renovations or makeovers within their area of expertise.

Even if you are on a shoestring budget, it is possible to turn an otherwise ordinary home into a luxurious masterpiece by just incorporating minor adjustments and implementing strategic décor techniques. 

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