Home Burglary Statistics You Need to Know

Everybody has the natural fear of home invasion. Though crime statistics vary greatly upon where you live, there are still many steps you can take to prevent unauthorized entry into your house or apartment. Nobody should live in constant fear of their home being broken into, but it also cannot hurt to get educate on the methods and techniques that burglars often use. This video details some of the statistics that came out of 2021’s crime report regarding burglaries in the United States.

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It may come as a surprise, but there are 1.4 million reported home burglaries every single year, meaning that a burglary occurs every 13 seconds. Unfortunately, it is very hard to prove burglaries in court, since physical evidence is rare and most situations have no witnesses. While 34% of burglars enter through the front door, 22% break in through the back door. These two entrances, in addition to first floor windows, would be prime places for you to set up cameras if you are feeling unsafe. 24/7 surveillance cameras are available to monitor your home for any signs of unwelcome visitors.

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