Taking On the Challenges of a Whole House Remodel

A whole house remodel can sound a little scary, but it may be the absolute best way to get all your remodeling projects out of the way. According to statistics, 33% of home remodeling jobs are whole house remodels.

If you need a new roof because you have a damaged roof that repairs are just not going to help, and you want to get some landscaping done maybe have a backyard fireplace installation, and have other projects on the burner, doing it all at once can be easier.

Benefits of a Whole Home Remodel

A lot of people think of a whole home remodel and literally break out in a sweat. Yes, it can be scary to take on such a large project but it can actually make every project easier. One of the biggest benefits of doing it all at once is that you do not have to worry about how to get financing for each individual project.

Different types of loans can really complicate things. A lot of homeowners tap into their home equity to cover all the costs for their whole home remodel projects. It is one easy loan to manage, and it can help you to set a firm budget.

Piece mealing your home improvement project can actually make the project more costly. It can be hard to reign in costs when you are being offered easy financing terms along each leg of the project. When you do everything at once, you set your budget and stick to it based on the amount of loan you can get from the onset of the project.

Other benefits include:

  • Less stress over time
  • When the project is done it is done
  • Shorter duration

Okay, dealing with all the improvements that you want to make at once, it is stressful, but over time you will be glad you went through it. Having your home be in disarray for a couple of months at once can be less stressful than having to deal with the upset little by little.

For example, with a whole house remodel, you know that for x amount of time, things may be hectic, but then you get your life back when it is all over. When you do home remodel projects in increments, there is a constant upset in your life, you never really feel settled.

When You Are Done You Are Done

The real beauty of a whole house remodel is when it is done, you can relax in the perfect home for you. There is a clear end date for when you can get your home back and your damaged roof repaired. Doing all these little remodels over time can always leave something else to do. You never get done.

Before You Get Started On Your Whole Home Remodel

There are a few things that you should do if you are considering a whole home remodel to ensure that you get the best results. The first thing you want to do is to ensure that you are putting your remodel dollars where they can do the most good.

The idea of a whole house remodel can be very exciting and can drive you toward doing the remodeling that you can see, but it is strongly suggested that you have professional home inspection services come out and evaluate your property.

A home inspection can reveal problems and issues that you may not be aware of. Imagine putting all your money into creating the perfect kitchen, bath, and landscaping, only to realize that your foundation is at risk or your HVAC system is on the way out.

Making sure that all the operating systems are in order with a home inspection will ensure that you do not find yourself financially strapped from all the home improvements and not have the money left to fix what really matters. This is an important step in the process before you start buying new curtains for living room, bedrooms, and kitchen to decorate your remodeled spaces, get a home inspection done.

You also want to check with your HOA to see if there are any guidelines that you need to follow during the remodel. Some HOA’s have pretty strict guidelines in place about remodeling, where workers can park, and more. It Is always better to check ahead of time so any disagreements or clarification can be provided before the projects get started.

Should You Hire a General Contractor?

A lot of people decide to work as their own general contractor. A general contractor is the overseer of the project. They make sure that every professional gets their part of the job done on time. They arrange when each different part of the project will be done and schedule the workload.

A general contractor typically has the work crews available like electricians, plumbers, and roofers, or they have preferred subcontractors that they do business with. Hiring a general contractor is strongly recommended for a whole house remodel and repairs because it can take the stress out of the project.

Additionally hiring a GC can also keep costs down and ensure every part of the project is completed as it should be. If you have little experience in home remodeling and the skill set that it takes to get it all done, hire a pro.

Saving Money On a Whole House Remodel

There are several ways you can keep costs down. The most obvious way is to ensure that you are hiring professionals that deliver value services at an affordable rate. The right contractors will use state of the art technology, and processes to keep costs down.

While it may sound strange to you that the contractor wants to use construction drone services to get some accurate information about your property, it is absolutely something that can prove to be highly beneficial in the end and cost-saving. Go with the contractor that focuses on the details, and can provide you with the highest quality services, including using the latest tech.

A lot of homeowners make the mistake of shopping by price and not value. Be careful because the lowest price can also mean the least amount of experience. It can also mean that you are hiring a contractor that will go way beyond the deadline to get the project done. Shop for value instead.

What can you do on your own, that will also keep you out of the chiropractor office? Doing part of the work yourself is a great way to cut costs, but not if it is going to leave you injured or compromise the quality of the remodel.

Here are some things you can do on your own to help keep costs down:

  • Painting
  • Demolition prep work
  • Any work that you are skilled at

Every little bit counts. If you can paint a few walls, rip out some old cabinetry, or you have a special set of skills like plumbing, electrical or woodworking, you can cut costs. Talk to the contractor about how much savings is available if you input some sweat equity.

In some cases the savings can be substantial depending on what work you can contribute, in other cases the savings will be minimal, and you will have to decide if it is worth it to you. In either case, nothing ventured, nothing gained. It is always a good idea to ask.

Other Ways To Save

If rolling up your sleeves and working off some of the cost is not for you, there are other ways to save. You can ask the contractor about package options for getting everything done at one time. You may be able to realize some significant savings this way.

Ask the contractor if you can buy your own materials. Of course, you do want to check to see if you can actually get the materials at a less expensive cost. Some contractors will agree to install the materials that you buy, while others will not. It is worth asking.

However, do keep in mind that if you buy the materials, and the contractor installs the materials, it may be a conflict with the warranty. It is something that you want to check out to ensure that you will not be on the losing end of things.

Ask if the contractor offers any specialty group discounts like for veterans, seniors, or civic groups. Some contractors do and others do not, but it is always worth asking. Sometimes missing out on a discount happens simply because you do not ask for one.

Getting Yourself Ready for Your Whole Home Remodel

Some homeowners manage very well with the stress of a whole home remodel, others do not. If you know that this is going to be just too much for you to deal with, consider staying with a friend or family members until the project is mostly complete.

You may have to consider alternate living arrangements here and there depending on what work you are having done and whether it will interrupt your ability to use water in your home, or electricity. Some remodels can mean not having water, electricity, heating or cooling capabilities for a few days. It largely depends on what projects you have planned on whether or not you will be able to stay in your home for the duration of the project.

It is strongly suggested anything of value or that you value be put safely away. For example, if you are having a new roof installed it is not a good idea to leave your treasured classic Mustang in the driveway.

Most contractors take all the precautions necessary to protect your property, but you do not want to tempt fate by leaving the goods you treasure in the way. For interior remodeling activities, put away in a safe location those things that you do not want to be damaged.

Keep kids and pets out of the way of the contractors. It will slow things down and is a huge potential for injury. Keep a clear path for the workers. Try to arrange parking for the workers. Make sure you give your neighbors a heads up that you will be having work done for the next couple of months and then apologize in advance for the noise and the inconvenience.

Letting your neighbors what to expect during your whole house remodel over the next couple of months, before the work begins, is a great way to keep the complaints down to a minimum. Of course, it also prepares your neighbors to expect some parking issues.

Most neighbors are tolerant of the noise and the inconvenience if you give them a heads up. Everyone likes to know what to expect. Waiting until the projects get started to notify your neighbors can cause some hard feelings. Just let them know in advance to avoid the problems.

Plan for some changes to your lifestyle for the duration of the whole house remodel, but keep in mind that the end date will come and you will have the home that you wanted. Putting that thought at the forefront can help you to get through the next couple of months.

You Got This

With a little planning and a positive attitude you can get the whole house remodel that you want with minimum stress. It can be one of the best ways to get the home that you have always wanted without waiting years to accomplish it. It can also be a way to make all those remodeling projects more affordable. You can do it, and if a few months be in the home of your dreams.

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