Your Urgent Care Center Treats Injury And Illness For A Low Cost What You Should Know

It’s not enough to have a health facility that treats injury and illness. You deserve care that’s attentive, timely, and affordable.

Having all of the above can sometimes sound too good to be true, particularly when you’re already struggling with your insurance. The urgent care center, however, is a commonly used medical resource that is only getting more popular. It treats injury and illness in a timely fashion, sending you off with a low bill that gets you back into the flow of your life faster. To top it off, you also have the ability to visit for basic check-ups, vaccinations, and mental health services. Your first order of business?

Learning more about the injuries and illnesses treated at the clinic so you’re prepared. Let’s take a look.

Urgent Care Clinics Have Consistently Short Wait Times

The longer you wait, the worse the issue gets. This is why your local urgent care center prioritizes timeliness alongside quality care. According to a Benchmarking Report by the Urgent Care Association Of America, nearly 95% of today’s urgent care centers boast wait times of 30 minutes or less. That means you’re in through the door, efficiently diagnosed, and sent right back out again. This helps match urgent care alongside emergency room care, which is vastly overrepresented in the quick care sector.

Most Emergency Room Visits Could Instead Be Taken To Urgent Care

Did you know at least 45% of all emergency room episodes could have instead been treated at an urgent care location? This means you could instead walk away with the same quality of care for $100 instead of $1,000. An additional study revealed more than 70% of emergency room visits with consumer-sponsored insurance went for non-emergency conditions, to boot. The urgent care center is a prime location for minor and moderate injuries or illnesses. When in doubt, swing by and make sure you’re not spending too much.

Burns, Cuts, And Fractures Will Be Treated Immediately

It’s best to treat deep cuts and burns at a 24 hour walk in clinic. They’ll minimize your risk of infection and make sure you’re sent off with a low cost. Fractures are another area that you’ll most likely be covered, as four out of five urgent care centers today provide the service. Today more than one-quarter of American patients have visited an urgent care center within the last two years. Add your local urgent care to your emergency list so you can start reaping the benefits.

Illnesses Will Be Diagnosed And Properly Medicated

It’s not just cuts and scrapes. If you’ve been struggling with abdominal pain, breathing difficulties, or headaches an urgent care center will treat you. The 2015 fiscal year saw urgent care centers reporting an average of 12,000 patients. The most common illnesses brought to the attention of the on-site doctors were acute bronchitis, acute upper respiratory infection, and acute sinusitis. Whether you have a headache that won’t abate or just want to double-check your cough, you’re in good hands.

Vaccinations And Physicals Are Readily Available

It’s not just about treating what’s already there. Your urgent care center treats injury and illness right alongside providing preventative care. Get your yearly flu vaccination with just a simple visit. Ask to see a nurse about lower back pain you’ve been struggling with and see what a physical can reveal. The wonderful thing about urgent care centers is their convenience, able to see you at a moment’s notice without a drop in quality.

A convenient quality and cost is your guarantee at an urgent care clinic. Look up locations in your area today so you’re prepared for tomorrow.

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