The Power of Great Landscaping

A piece of property may include not only a building on the lot, but also the natural terrain. While the act of updating the hardware inside and on the building is known as remodeling, and while remodeling is quite important, the natural ground should not be neglected. In fact, some fine lawn maintenance or landscaping may go a long way toward improving the quality of the lawn or grounds, and this in turn may be a fine investment in the long run. Landscaping management companies can be contacted for larger pieces of property, and lawn maintenance and care is possible for a homeowner on a smaller lot. Good lawn maintenance means caring for the natural and man-made features alike, and commercial landscapers may be hired for more demanding projects such as planting several trees or putting in a fish pond. Just how fine of an investment might landscaping and lawn maintenance really be?

Private Property Lawns

One may first consider the front and back yards that a typical homeowner may have. These lawns, if taken care of, may be highly attractive, useful, and boost the property’s overall value. When the homeowner puts that property up for sale on the real estate market, that property’s value is determined not only by the house itself but the natural land that it sits on. Due to the improved value of a landscaped lawn, statistics show that spending just 5% of a property’s overall value on landscaping may yield a ROI, or return on investment, as high as 150%. This is similar to how a house with remodeled rooms may generate a ROI around 70-80% for the master bathroom or kitchen. Remodeled houses and landscaped lawns allow the seller to ask for a higher price on the property, and home buyers may be quite attracted to that property and willingly pay that bolstered price. This may be beneficial for all involved.

How does this work? basic lawn maintenance may include diligent removal of weeds, along with removing dead tree stumps or fallen branches. What is more, the homeowner may buy equipment and supplies from a lawn care department store to spray fertilizer everywhere, then broadcast grass seeds to allow for rich and consistent grass growth. A lawn of dense, green grass will appeal to anyone. More wildlife such as shrubs, flower beds, and entire trees may be planted, both to look attractive and clean the air. Trees and shrub are natural air filters, removing pollen and pollution and producing oxygen. As a bonus, large trees may shade a house in summer to help keep it cooler and act as a windbreak in winter.

Man-made features may also be added to the lawn. A lawn may have a shed added for storing equipment such as gardening supplies, hoses, a lawn mower, shrub shears, and more. Some sheds are pre-constructed, and many American homeowners have expressed an interest in authentic, Amish-made sheds. Amish wood workers accept orders from across the nation and ship them high quality, durable wooden sheds. Meanwhile, a homeowner may hire contractors to install a wooden deck or a patio, which is attractive and makes for a great place for parties, meals, or just relaxing alone or with friends. Decks may come with accessories such as lights for the evening, as well as primer and sealant to protect the wood. Some homeowners even get outdoor kitchens installed, complete with counter tops, stoves, fridges, ovens, and more. This is a fun way to prepare a whole meal for a group, and mesh screens may be set up to block out unwanted insects like flies, mosquitoes, and wasps.

Commercial Landscaping

Larger properties such as banks, offices, schools, and apartments will have lawns too, and on this scale, teams of professional landscapers may be hired to modify that terrain to make it attractive and impress guests. Apartment managers want the exterior as well as interior to appeal to potential renters, and that includes removing trash, washing off graffiti, and of course, landscaping. An office or bank may appeal to guests and make a good impression when it boasts debris-free and rich green grass, trees, flower beds or shrubs, outdoor lighting, and mulch or bark dust surrounding some features. Bark dust is attractive and also protects the soil underneath from erosion.

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