The Advantages of Staying in a Furnished Apartment

When visiting a city for several weeks, be it for a business trip, a summer class, or your simply staying somewhere temporarily before you move, the question remains the same; where will you stay during this time? Depending on the length of the stay, it might seem more convenient to stay at a hotel, but these can be prohibitively expensive. The average daily rate for a hotel is around $120, an amount which can add up very quickly. Instead of a hotel, you should consider choosing a furnished apartment to stay in and this article looks at the reasons why.

Short term furnished apartments can be a great choice compared to staying in a hotel. Unlike a hotel, furnished apartments, even a furnished one bedroom apartment, can be larger than a hotel room and provide a more comfortable living space. An apartment provides a space to prepare meals and relax in privacy, without the fear of housekeeping coming in and accidentally disturbing you. Furnished apartments also make it easier to meet with friends, since the average hotel room does not have dedicated living room areas.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of staying in a furnished apartment is the cost. For an extended stay, furnished apartments can be much more affordable in the long run. Since you are paying a monthly fee for an apartment instead of a daily fee charged by a hotel, you are automatically spending less money for a place to live, which is always advantageous. Furnished apartments also come with the advantage of having furniture in the residence already, meaning you do not have to worry about moving in or purchasing your own furniture.

In conclusion, there are numerous advantages to be found by staying in a furnished apartment for a long term stay instead of a hotel. Certainly staying in a furnished apartment can be more cost efficient in the long run, and they also allow for a greater degree of privacy than what a hotel room allows. Furnished apartments also have the advantage of coming with their own furniture and provide the extra space to entertain friends or business associates. When going for an extended stay in a city, consider staying in a furnished apartment instead of a hotel.

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