Custom Kitchen Renovation for a Homeowner

One advantage to being a homeowner is that a person can modify their home and remodel its various rooms, or even the entire building if so desired. An owned house does not have to look the way it does until the day it is torn down; unlike renters, a homeowner can launch custom kitchen renovation if their kitchen is worn out, out of style, or does not have enough desired features, and a custom kitchen renovation may result in a gorgeous, useful room that a homeowner would be eager to cook in. A kitchen remodeler crew can be found locally and hired to get this work done, since some of the major renovation jobs like replacing the cabinets or the countertop would be difficult for a homeowner to attempt with a DIY (do it yourself) job. If custom kitchen renovation involves surface-only work, such as repainting the walls, replacing the lighting fixtures, or adding new decorations and cleaning the surfaces, this may be done alone, but for work like installing a new stove, new cabinets, or putting down new tile, custom kitchen renovation almost definitely calls for kitchen designer professionals to come in and get to work.

Americans and Home Remodeling

Kitchens are among the most popular rooms to renovate in the home among American households, but sometimes the bathroom, bedrooms, or even the basement may be updated with contractor crews, or the whole house might get remodeled at once to have a consistent theme of materials and colors. A number of statistics show just how often Americans like to perform custom kitchen renovation or total home renovation, and kitchen designers may often have their hands full with all this work. In fact, 35% of home remodel jobs involve the entire house, just over one in three jobs, and the rest often involve the bathroom, the kitchen, or both. The industry of remodeling is expected to continue growing, as it has been for the past few years, and experts believe that this industry may grow 2% per year until at least the year 2025. Similarly, HomeAdvisor’s 2017 report shows that 80% or so of all households are planning home improvement projects in the near future.

What is more, a remodel job may have a high ROI, or return of investment, and this can make a custom kitchen renovation job a great investment if done right. For example, even a minor kitchen remodeling job may yield a ROI as high as 82.7%, and similar numbers might be found for the bathroom and the basement when they are remodeled. Similarly, investing in landscaping around the property’s lawns such as shrubs, trees, pathways, or a wooden deck can have a high ROI. All of these investments can make a house worth much more on the real estate market when the owner puts it up for sale, and a home can really stand out and look attractive after remodeling work is done.

Getting the Job Done

Minor remodel work for the kitchen such as replacing drawer and cabinet handles, repainting the walls or wooden surfaces, replacing the microwave, or adding shutters or curtains to the window can be done DIY, but contractor crews should probably be hired for more dedicated work such as adding a new stove or refrigerator, or for replacing the cabinets, even if only the cabinet doors are being replaced. Crews may also tear up the old tiles and put down fresh new tiles, and a homeowner can also buy new tables and wooden chairs where people may sit and eat. Even the countertop can be replaced with a new surface, such as granite or marble for an elegant look with a tough material. A renovated kitchen will often not only look attractive, but often encourages homeowners to cook at home more often to get use out of this room, and this can lead to healthier lifestyles and more fun cooking new recipes at home. Many homeowners report a positive change in their lifestyles and health after remodeling rooms such as the kitchen, so the return of investment works not just for money, but also for the comfort of the homeowners as well. The same is true for bathroom, bedroom, or basement remodeling work.

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