Get the Right Cane With These Tips

If you are going to go out to look at canes for sale, you are not alone. In the United States, there are about 6.8 people using a variety of devices to help them get around. A number of these people use canes. There are a lot of different kinds of canes out there to choose from. From decorative walking canes to heavy duty wooden canes and folding walking sticks. If you get the right cane, it can greatly improve mobility for the person using it. Here are some tips.

  1. Start with the right size. Of course, you want a cane or several canes that look good and match your style. Before you start looking at decorative walking canes, you need to get the sizing right. You need the cane to be the right one for both your height and weight. Here are some tips to get the right size for your new cane:
    • Wear the right shoes. When you go to look for a new cane, make sure you wear the shoes you wear the most often. If you are looking at decorative walking canes for a special event, wear the shoes you are planning to wear to that.
    • Test your cane when you are standing tall. You should be relaxed and your spine is straight.
    • Your arms should be allowed to hang by your side in a natural way. Take a measurement from the floor to your wrist. Take that number and round up to the closest half inch.
    • The next step is to consider your body shape and weight. If you have a smaller frame and weigh less, you can use lightweight canes. If you are heavier, you may need a cane or canes that can support you. Look at the different sections of a cane. There are several parts of a cane that you need to look at. There is the bottom tip, often this is rubber so that the cane can provide better stability and traction. On the flip side is the grip and then there is the main part (also called the shaft).
  2. Next, think about your sense of style. The more you like your cane or canes, the more you are likely to use it. Canes do no one any good if they sit at home while the owner goes out and about. Think about what activities you like to do and want to continue to do. Your cane or canes should fit seamlessly into your life and mesh with your lifestyle and your fashion. take the time to look at a lot of canes, you should not limit yourself to one kind of decorative walking canes. No matter what your style and activities you like to do, you should be able to find canes that fit with your look and life.
  3. Once you get your cane home, you need to use how to use it the right way. One thing that many cane users say is that they are great to help people go up and down staircases. This does take some practice. Hold on to the railing with one hand and the cane with the other. When walking up, lead with your stronger leg, put your cane in place, and then follow with your other leg. When you are going down, lead with your cane, move your weaker leg to the step, and follow with your stronger leg.

There are a lot of good reasons to get a cane to improve stability and mobility. Many people throughout the world rely on them to keep them from falling. Two million Americans are sent to the emergency rooms of hospitals every year because they fell. At least 25% of all older adults suffer at least one fall each year. An older American is seen every 11 seconds for fall-related injuries.

The good news is that getting and using the right cane can prevent a lot of that. If you suffer from dizziness or have problems with your hips, knees, or another area and have trouble with mobility, getting the right decorative walking canes can help you keep up with the activities you love and be safe when you do them.

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