4 Rating Factors for Private Schools

Many parents are aware of the advantages of attending private schools and they do their part to search out top rated private schools within the area for their kids to attend. More than one-quarter of all schools are private and more than two million elementary students were enrolled in private schools in the year 2016. Private schools have always been popular and they will continue to be popular for students and parents. Parents looking for private schools will try to find top rated private schools for their children, but knowing how these schools are rated helps parents better understand the rating scale. Read below to see some things that go into rating private schools for students.


Typical public schools are rated based on state tests and how students score on those. Private schools are rated slightly differently. Scores still matter but not the same scores as public schools. Tests included in private school rating systems include SAT and ACT scores. These scores show how well the school caters to students needs. It shows how well private schools prepare students for their future. How college prepared the students are reflects on the private school. Using these scores shows how well a private school operates and is included in the rating system.


Graduation is the ultimate goal of all schools public and private. The more students that graduate, the more it shows the school is catering to the needs of these students. High graduation rates means that the school identifies needs of students and helps them so that they can graduate. Students who leave private schools but don’t go to another school are considered drop outs, and these students hurt a rating just like those who graduate help the schools rating.


One of the things that makes private schools appeal to parents is the fact that their student population is so diverse. Private schools get a diverse group of students and they serve a large number of all types of students. This diversity is another thing that goes into the rating system. Private schools that offer services to a more diverse group of students have obviously dealt with a wide array of all types of students. This gives parents peace of mind when it comes to the school dealing with their child.


College graduation can strongly impact top rated private schools. Those who leave school and go to college make a good mark for the school. There should always be a college plan for students which encourages them to attend some form of college or training. Parents want to know that their children will be best prepared for college even when they attend a private school. Since private schools are held to different standards, it’s important for a rating based on how many students attend college for parents.

Knowing the things that go into a rating when choosing top rated private schools helps parents base price along with ratings to choose the best school for their child. These schools are meant to benefit the child, and when parents do their homework to find the best school, then both the parents and the student benefits. Finding the perfect school doesn’t have to be hard when you know how schools are rated and what all things go into these ratings.

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