Taking a Look At The World Of Floral Deliveries In the United States

From roses to daisies to tulips, flowers and flower deliveries are a common way to show your love for someone in your life all throughout the United States. There are many occasions for getting flowers like roses is appropriate – and sometimes you don’t even need a reason to give a loved one roses or another type of flower. Flowers are an incredibly popular gift, and can be a great way to just show that you were thinking about someone and to show them that they are an important person in your life, and that you care about them very much.

However, there are certainly holidays and dates throughout the year where the giving of floral arrangements is incredibly common, be they floral arrangements that are made up of roses or otherwise. For instance, Valentine’s Day is, of course, one such day. Valentine’s Day leads to an incredibly amount of sales for florists around the country and even makes up a staggering one third of all floral arrangement purchases throughout the entirety of the year.

Giving flowers like roses on Valentine’s Day is common in all types of relationships, with more than thirty five percent of all women getting flowers for their male partners. Some people, primarily women, will even send themselves flowers on this day, as a way to show some self love. For up to fifteen percent of women who currently are residing in the United States, having roses or other types of flower deliveries sent to yourself is a great way to celebrate the day even if they are currently single.

Flowers such as roses as well as many other types of flowers are also commonly used for weddings. In the typical wedding, flowers will be used as decoration, as part of the bridal party’s bouquets, and as a key part of the flower girl’s role. As more than half of all weddings (around sixty percent, to be more exact) include a flower girl as part of the wedding party, it’s really no surprise that flowers like roses and other types of flowers can make up as much as eight percent of the typical total wedding budget.

Fresh flowers are also commonly bought to celebrate Mother’s Day. In the United States and beyond it as well, there is no doubt about it that Mother’s Day is an important holiday. After all, your mother deserves at least a little recognition for all that she has done for you, and giving her flowers such as roses or another type of flower can be a great way to show her that you love her and appreciate her. And Mother’s Day is such an important floral buying holiday that more than thirty five percent of all adults will buy flowers like roses or other types of flowers for their own mother or for another important mother in their life.

Of course, there are many other occasions that you can buy flowers for as well. Anniversary flowers, for instance, are common. Some people even buy flowers – commonly roses – for a first date. Flowers can be bought for birthday celebrations as well, especially if it is a particularly important and milestone birthday. Flowers, of course, do not need to be given by a romantic partner, though they often are. You can give flowers to your parents, your children, or even just your friends who are going through a tough time.

You can even have flowers delivered to yourself as a way to give yourself a pick me up throughout the day. Though some people might look at this as a little strange, sending yourself flowers is actually a very common thing to do here in the United States, for men and women alike (though it is likely that more women will do this than men). In fact, up to sixty three percent of all flowers are delivered to people who have sent said flowers to themselves, with only just over thirty five percent of all flower deliveries sent as gifts.

Overall, sending flowers can be a great way to show someone that you care, or even a way to engage in a little self love.

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