Are You A New Home Buyer? Here Are Five Of The Most Commonly Asked Questions About The Process

Are you a new home buyer? You’ve likely got a few questions about the process.

Buying a home is a careful decision that involves a lot of cross-referencing prices, locations and styles. When you’ve got a significant other moving in with you or children on the way? It’s a decision that just gets more complicated by the minute. You might be better off contacting a realtor and having them shoulder some of the decision. Homes for sale today take on nearly as many shapes and sizes as the people buying them, with one person’s proverbial trash being another person’s treasure.

There’s no need to cultivate a false sense of independence. All journeys need a little help and this is the logic you’ll find in the list of most commonly asked questions below.

Are There A Lot Of First-Time Buyers?

Feeling self-conscious about being a first-time home buyer? Don’t be. There are quite a few people in your shoes trying to figure out whether or not they want to make the plunge from renter to homeowner. A recent study concluded over 30% of people looking to buy a new home are doing so for the first time. It’s not just the older crowd browsing home properties, either. There are plenty of new families and Millennial couples eager to give the art of homeownership a try.

What’s The Most Popular Kind Of House?

Before you look into a realtor it can help to narrow down which house is speaking to you the most. Zillow found out 20% of buyers today are interested in purchasing a townhouse. The vast majority, however, prefer to look at single-family homes to address their needs. A recent study asking home buyers about the most difficult part of the process saw 50% stating the right property to be an uphill battle. It’s a combination of location and budget that can turn a long decision into an even longer one. Thankfully, you can find help for that.

What Should I Expect When Selling A Home?

If you’re one of those home buyers wanting to sell first, you’re in luck. Condos for sale and homes for sale are a dynamic market that can always use another addition. A research compilation by recommended homeowners take 15% to 20% off what the home is worth to give their house a higher chance of success on the market. Nearly 90% of real estate agents in another survey encouraged homeowners to invest in landscaping prior to selling to boost their curb appeal and ROI, as well. There’s a lot you can do to make your offer stand out.

Which Home Renovation Additions Are The Most Popular?

You know you should renovate your home before selling. Which renovations yield the highest return on the investment, though? One study found nearly 55% of buyers admitting they’d pay more for a home with nice hardwood floors. Another 35% of recent buyers who purchased a new home said they wanted to avoid renovations and problems with plumbing. An eco-friendly toilet, new hardwood floor rendition or polished front yard could all go a long way in making your home seem like the best of the bunch. When in doubt?

Should I Talk To A Realtor?

Just talk with a realtor. An experienced professional that’s helped match families to houses for years will have a lot of perspective to offer your unique situation. A recent study found nearly 80% of recent buyers stating their real estate agent to be a very useful informational source on budgeting or browsing. You can enjoy plenty of accessibility with today’s more modern marketing techniques, too. Today around 45% of home buyers will look online for properties. A digital tour can tell you just as much about a home as a physical one…and save you gas money, to boot!

Buying a home can be scary, but it’s just like any other decision. Find a real estate agent with the same dream you have and give it a try.

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