Don’t Let the Design Process Freak You Out Easy Decorating Basics

Does the term “interior design” freak you out? It shouldn’t. Decorating your home can be done on just about any budget and within any taste. You can hire an interior designer, or tackle the project yourself. Great-looking decor items and furniture are available at just about any price point, and you can purchase furniture and other decor in person or online if you prefer. While there are no hard and fast rules for home decor, there are some basics that will ensure your home looks and great, and that you stayed on budget.

Your Home’s Best Look
Whether you follow the latest interior design trends or prefer to follow your own taste, area rugs are a great way to give your living space a more polished look while also providing some insulation and noise reduction. A good rule of thumb when decorating with area rugs is to leave some visible floor space. Decorating site Houzz suggests leaving 12-18″ inches of space on all four sides of the rug. By including high-quality area rugs, the design process just got much easier.

Got Art?
Artwork isn’t limited to expensive paintings or sculptures. Art can be anything you hold dear from hand-crafted wall-hangings to photographs to kiddie artwork. According to Driven by Decor, it’s best to keep the center at eye level when hanging art. For most people, that adds up to 50-60″ off the floor. Hang the artwork, and sit back and enjoy it.

No More Cinder block Bookcases
If you’ve reached the stage where you are ready to invest in some high-quality furniture, congratulations. Choosing furniture should be done with its long-term use in mind. After all, furniture will most likely be the most expensive item you will buy besides a car and your home itself. Choose pieces that suit your taste and will hold up to heavy use from pets, kids, or long gaming sessions with friends.

Choose colors and fabrics that will work well with your decor. If you’re truly stuck, consult with a design-minded friend or family member. If you find yourself still stuck or feeling overwhelmed, enlist a local interior designer to help you become unstuck and move forward.

Your Happy Home
Whether your home consists of an apartment, co-op, condo or single family home, the design process should include elements that will make your home a place you will want to return to at the end of each day. Various studies have identified three key characteristics of a happy home: a space where you feel secure (69%), as a place for relaxation (64%) and a space where you feel free to be yourself.

The Design Process in a Nutshell
The beauty of home decor is there are no hard and fast rules any longer. You can decorate your living space in a way that best reflects your taste. You can create an environment for your busy family, or a home bustling with guests, roommates and couch-surfers.

By utilizing design elements such as rugs, furniture, accessories and even a little artwork, your home can go from a plain space to your private retreat. Whether you design it yourself, work with an interior designer or do a little bit of both, focus on making your home a place to live in and love for years to come.

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