How Using A Cane Can Prevent Serious Injury

Palm grip canes

Canes such as wooden canes can be hugely helpful for people in the United States in need of mobility aids, typically older Americans. In fact, more than ten percent of senior Americans aged sixty five and older use a can and nearly 40% of people over the age of eighty five use wooden canes or other mobility devices. Nearly 7 million people across the United States use a mobility aids and all types of functional canes, including wooden canes and extra tall canes, are by far the most popular mobility aid, with nearly 5 million people regularly using them.

There are a number of reasons that people may require a mobility aid like a walking stick or wooden cane. For instance, more than 20% of users of wooden canes and other types of canes suffer from osteoarthritis and use canes to combat the negative effects that the disease has on their mobility. Canes are also beneficial for general instability and dizziness to that tend to become more common that older that we get. Dizziness is one of the main reasons that elder Americans fall, and it can often be prevented with the use of durable canes in day to day life.

When necessary, canes can help to prevent serious injury and even save lives as they can help to prevent the majority of falls among the senior population. Falls among the elderly are all too common, with up to 25% of all senior citizens in the United States suffering a fall every single year. Up to two million elderly people are seen for fall related injuries in the emergency room every single year and an elderly person is treated for a fall related injury just about every ten seconds. Half of these falls sustained by elderly adults in America take place at home, where there is less likely to be help nearby. Because of this, the implementation of wooden canes or palm grip canes (or another variety of cane best suited to the elder) are instrumental in helping elderly people remain a high level of independence for as long as possible. Canes can help to keep senior citizens safe in the comfort of their own homes, postponing the need for supervision or medical assistance. Canes can also help to prevent serious injury which, in the elderly population, is far more likely to lead to serious complications that, again, disrupt the independence that an elderly person enjoys as well as even potentially lead to death.

Canes comes in all varieties as well, so there is truly a cane for everyone. From wooden canes to stylish walking canes, there is even a cane for every occasion, and many people even come to view their cane as a fashion accessory. Not only can canes save lives and prevent serious injury, they can also add a lot of flair to an overall outfit or look. Canes are an important mobility aid, one that can restore independence and preserve life.

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