Landscaping, Walkways, and Everything In Between

Delaware landscaping

Many experts believe that the best way to buy plants is to avoid buying any plants in full bloom. This is because they believe that these plants have been in their pots too long and are not as valuable as the price tag makes them seem. This is one of the many random facts involved in landscaping and lawn and patio care.

Anyone that has been thinking about landscaping walkways should make sure they try to get in on this business swiftly. There are a large number of benefits that come along with all of the different areas of landscaping that even reaches to landscape planting. For instance, the American Public Power Association has revealed that landscaping can reduce air conditioning by nearly 50% thanks to shading the house.

Research shows the landscaping services market in the United States is expected to recover and reach $80.06 billion by 2015. Landscaping companies can help you and your home get the most out of your landscaping walkways and other lawn repair services. Here are all of the facts on landscaping walkways.

Landscaping Can Boost a Home’s Value

The magazine, Money Magazine, has released some information that pertains to the benefits of landscaping. First and foremost, Money Magazine has written that landscaping can help boost a home’s value by anywhere between 100% to 200% at the selling time. So if you get landscaping walkways work done, it can help serious boost the value of your home.

60% of potential home buyers believe that a well-landscaped yard influences their home buying decisions. The same can be said about landscaping walkways. While landscaping a walkway is different than garden work, they often go hand in hand. As a matter of fact, most people like to have a nice walkway that goes right through their garden and backyard.

A quality landscaping job can increase the resale value of a building by up to 14%. Money Magazine stated that landscaping can bring a recovery value between 100 and 200 % at selling time. Spending 5% of the value of your home on landscaping can increase the resale value by 15%.

The Landscaping Industry Is Booming

The landscaping industry in the United States helps generate an estimated $73 billion of revenue every single year. The number one reason why is because there are many Americans that completely understand how much value a landscaping company can bring to their home. They want to either get value for their home on the market or they want to just make their home look nice over the next ten years.

Between the years of 2009 and 2014, the landscaping industry in the United States managed to grow by nearly 3.7%. This is incredibly impressive and you can now get reliable landscaping walkways easier than ever before. Not to mention that tis industry is important when staffing workers. Just about 878,969 people are employed by the United States landscaping industry.

In Conclusion

Every single year there are people that go and invest serious money in landscaping. This can involve hiring a landscaping design company to do landscaping walkways jobs, unique hardscapes, outdoor lighting, and everything in between.

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