Why Crafting Has Increased In Popularity

Mobile craft organizer

For those of us who thrive off of organization, there’s nothing like coming home to a neat, clean house. But sometimes life gets in the way and it becomes more difficult than usual to keep a home neat and tidy, particularly if you are engaged in the hobby or career of crafting.

Crafting has become increasingly popular both as a relaxing hobby and as a business path. Of people who craft, it is more common among the young, making it an up and coming hobby. In fact, only 28% of those who consider themselves crafters were over the age of 55. The majority, at 37% were between age 35 and 54. Crafting has become so popular in part because of how it releases the chemical dopamine, which has been shown to reduce some of the symptoms of depression during the duration of the craft. During a study done on patients with depressions, over 80% showed a reduction in symptoms after participating in a knitting activity. In 2017, the percentage of people who enjoyed crafting rose to 63% from a 2010 survey with a result of 56%.

But crafting is not only a hobby. With the advent of websites like Etsy, many crafters have turned their artistic sensibilities into a legitimate business. In a survey of over 5,000 sellers conducted by Etsy, it was found that almost 75% considered their Etsy shops to be businesses and not merely a hobby. The same survey also found that 97% of survey participants worked from home. Because of this, it is more essential than ever that people who craft be aware of craft organization systems, as well as other storage solutions.

Craft organization systems are important especially when a craft requires a variety of materials or the crafter is involved in a number of different projects. For example, one of the most popular craft organization systems are stackable furniture cubes. Stackable furniture cubes make it easy to organize any space, as they can be moved or stacked in different ways to suite each crafter’s particular work space. Another of the popular craft organization systems is the craft storage tower. This allows crafters with limited space to keep as much materials as possible close at hand. A file bench can be another great storage solution, one that combines form and function together and doubles as a piece of furniture. A craft storage carousel is particularly suited to the crafter with multiple projects, as it can swivel away to conceal materials that are not needed so the crafter can better focus on the craft at hand.

Whether you craft simply for fun or if it is your business and career, any number of craft organization systems can help you to be as productive as possible, making crafting the low stress experience it should be.

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