5 Tips for those Having their Home Built

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Building a house can be a fun but also stressful event. Finding a builder with experience in building homes, but one who also listens and understands what you want can be trying. When deciding on certain aspects, home builders should not only listen but offer advice as well. Some homeowners like wider hallways, while other are willing to pay more for central heat and air as opposed to other options. Finding a builder who incorporates your wishes and desires can make the entire process go smoothly. Read below to see other great tips when it comes to building homes or having a home built.


Know how much space you are going to need, and build to that space. Don’t go overboard on the space that you new home will have. Consider other homes near yours, and what their sizes are. A general rule of thumb is you want to make sure that you house is relatively the same size as others in the area. Consider an area that accommodate homes the same size as what you are wanting.
Choose Builders Carefully

Don’t hire a home builder solely on the quoted bid price. Just because a bid is higher than another does not mean that you will get superior work and quality products. Lower bids on the other hand, do not mean that home builders won’t add extra charges as the home building process progresses. Building a home requires careful consideration, and the bid included in this process is no different.

Avoid Trends

Trends are something that many people incorporate into their homes, however they do not last forever. There is nothing worse than buying into trends then being stuck with them after they are no longer popular. Once these trends go out of style, your home will be left looking outdated. Stick with classic designs that will still compliment your home years down the road.

Consider Time

Consider your family needs when building a home. Consider whether you will need any more room later down the line and plan accordingly. At the same time don’t go overboard with space if you will find yourself an empty nester in a few years. Plan for your family now while considering your future needs. An extra big house is nice until you find yourself alone in that big house.

Make Lists

Make lists and use your lists when the building process begins. Make a list of priorities that you can not live without in your new home. Make another list detailing things that you would like should your budget allow. This will help keep things in check that are an absolute must, and help you determine which items on you would like to have but can live without.

Having a home built takes a lot of patience and planning. Deciding what you want is important since you will be in this house for a while. Many people, about 69% choose to splurge on new kitchen appliances, this way they know they will last for years to come. Almost half choose to splurge on their master bathroom. Knowing what you can splurge on will help you make the house yours and help it feel more like home. Choose options carefully, plan accordingly, and stick to your plan. Work together with your home builder to make your dream of a home a reality.

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