What to Look for Before Hiring a Real Estate Agent

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Whether it’s your first time to buy a house or you already have the experience, having the best real estate agent can be the difference between you and your dream house. Not only are they good in locating house options, but also giving out vital information that helps in making housing decisions. Research shows that 78% of recent buyers enjoyed the services offered by their Realtors in terms of information sharing. With the right estate agent, you are sure to find the best house.

According to property industry statistics, 52% of home buyers reported that locating the right property as the most challenging part of buying a house. Hence the need for an experienced real estate agent. But how do you know a particular agent is the best fit for you? You can start by asking family and friends. This is a great place to start off and get referrals within your area. Take note of the names that will appear severally and schedule a meeting. Meeting up with a realtor gives you the chance to ask both the basic but pertinent question.

When it comes to finding the right agent, sometimes it more of chemistry than credentials. Ideally, you want to settle for someone you feel comfortable and safe working with; After all, you’ll have to stick with an agent for quite some time until you finalize the purchase. You might have noticed agents advertisements on magazines, newspapers, the internet, and even billboards. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they are the appropriate person for the job. The following are some of the guidelines for finding the most suitable agent for you.

1. Track record
Experience is an important element when looking for a real estate agent, whether you are a buyer or a seller. While there is no rule of thumb as to how many years makes an agent an expert in the property industry, the ideal working experience should be five years and above. However, this is not to mean that an agent with less than five years of experience in not competent enough, because there are some who simply prefer a smaller client base but have a huge impact. Alongside experience, ensure the person is fully certified and licensed to perform the functions of an agent.

2. Type of house agent
Typically, there are two types of real estate agents. Those who focus on selling houses also referred to as listing agents and those who primarily help others purchase houses. While it’s important to focus and perfect one line of operation, it can also be limiting in terms of perspective. Maybe you are planning to buy a new house and sell you old one. You want to save time and money by hiring an agent who’ll help realize both transactions. In addition, an agent with both expertise is also conversant with the selling process, making possible to secure a better house deal.

3. Consider the current listings
Before buying a house or even picking an agent, go to the agent’s listings online and have a look at some of the options available. The number of listings can indicate how healthy the business is and if you should stand a chance of getting the job done. What are the prices ranges? And do the listed houses resemble anything close to what you want to sell or buy?

4.Area of specialty
An agent can either be operating locally or across the board. But since real estate sector is a local game, you need to find someone who works within your area. This is someone that understands the market in your area, what works and what doesn’t.

With these simple tips, you can rest assured to find the right agent for your specific needs.

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