Upgrading Your Kitchen on a Budget

How to choose the right countertop

Are you tired of your outdated and ineffective kitchen design? Have you been planning to remodel it since you moved in, but something always seems to come up? Major kitchen remodels can be extremely timely and expensive. If you do not yet have the funds or time available to complete that kitchen renovation, consider instead, a minor renovation. Minor renovations require fewer resources, but can achieve the same feel of an updated kitchen. It can also give you more time to plan and save for the major renovation. The following minor kitchen renovations will make a big difference in your kitchen, all within a small budget.

Paint the cabinets
Purchasing and installing new cabinets can get expensive, especially if you go with custom made cabinets. Painting your current cabinets can be achieved with usually just a couple hundred dollars. You can also complete the project over one long weekend. Change out the hardware to better match your newly painted cupboards and you will be surprised at how much the kitchen has changed. Pick a cabinet color that matches your current paint colors or the countertops that you already have.

Install a backsplash
Kitchen backsplashes are the new trend. They can completely change the entire look of a room, especially a kitchen. Also, you can easily install them without making any other major changes to the kitchen. Backsplashes often look best behind appliances, in entrance ways, and behind quality countertops. Request samples from your quartz countertop distributor to take with you shopping. That way, you can compare backsplash designs to your actual quartz countertop material. You may even decide to move your kitchen cabinets up higher to put in even more beautiful backsplash material.

Change out your countertops
Many would agree that your kitchen countertops are the main focal point to your kitchen. They are often the first thing that you see when you enter into the room. They are also an important part of your cooking, storing, and dining. Countertop companies sell many different types of countertops, allowing you to easily find one that meets your budget and kitchen needs. While homeowners spend an average of $2,192 on installing countertops, that number can vary depending on the materials and size of the countertop.

You will even find a great variety of available countertops from your quartz countertop distributor. If you are set on quartz countertops, for example, but cannot realistically fit them into the budget, you might find laminate countertops to be a good option. When properly maintained, a laminate countertop can last 10 to 20 years. That is another 10 to 20 years that you can forget about having to do a full kitchen renovation! For the best options, choose a laminate material that best matches your kitchen cupboards and appliance colors.

Purchase new appliances
Kitchen renovations something include appliances. However, you can purchase new kitchen appliances, without also changing out the cabinets, countertops, or flooring. In fact, purchasing upgraded kitchen appliances will completely change the design and look of your current kitchen. Current trends call for stainless steel appliances, which tend to create a very smooth and modern kitchen look. You can also match your kitchen appliances to the materials you purchased from your quartz countertop distributor. For best results, opt for something that is energy star certified and has water saving features.

The National Association of Home Builders survey shows that 69% of requested jobs were for kitchen remodeling, the second most popular request. Kitchens tend to go out of style quickly, but can be very expensive and require a lot of time to completely renovate. Fortunately, you can upgrade and update your kitchen without the high costs. Make smaller changes like painting the cupboards, changing out hardware, installing backsplash, upgrading appliances, and working with a quartz countertop distributor to replace countertops. These minor changes will make your kitchen feel new and fresh again.

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