Three Important Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Mover

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All moving and storage companies are equal, right? If you’ve used any moving and storage companies, you’ve used all the moving and storage companies, right? If this is what you think, the answer is NO. You are wrong to the power of wrong.

You entrust all of your earthly possessions in the hands of the moving and storage companies you use, if they aren’t qualified for the job, you could pay for it dearly. Best case scenario, the unqualified furniture movers deliver your goods to you in slightly worse shape than you handed it over to them. In the worst case scenario, the movers take your possessions and make their way to the Canadian border, never to resurface again. Yes, that’s a real thing that really happens!

So how can you make sure that the movers you use can be trusted to pack up your home or office, and deliver them to the destination on time, with no damage incurred? If you’re wondering this, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of essential questions you should always ask a mover before signing a contract with them.

Three Important Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Mover

  1. How long have you been in business?

    Any mover you talk to is going to do their best to show you their best side in order to get your business. It would be nice if they told you up front, “Approximately 70% of your possessions will be damaged when you get them.” However, it’s not that easy.

    One thing that can’t be faked is years in the business. If a professional mover has been in business for decades without developing a bad reputation, they must being doing something right.

    This is also valuable to look into because in the moving and storage industry, it’s particularly common for a company to burn a bunch of bridges, developing a scathing reputation with the Better Business Bureau, and then go dark and reappear under a new name. You might not be able to track down the ghosts of their past business, but this resets the clock on the age of their business. If you use a mover who is established for years and years, you know they haven’t reinvented themselves because they aren’t trustworthy.
  2. What licensing do you have?

    Help us help you: Only — and we mean ONLY — use a mover who has proper licencing. Your moving company should have a number with the Department of Transportation. This means that they have gone through the proper channels to get their moving and storage credentials, and they are accountable for their actions. Some unlicensed movers are willing to cut your super cheap deal if you use them, but you could pay the price of losing everything and having no channel to take action after the fact if you do. A few bucks saving on an unlicensed mover isn’t worth the risk you have to take.

    We’ll throw this in for free: Always take the time to research the Department of Transportation number the mover has, to ensure that it is valid, current, and the name of the mover is the name of the person associated with that Department of Transportation number. Unfortunately there are a lot of scams in the moving and storage industry.

  3. Do you have proper insurance coverage?

    While you are looking into the credentials the mover has, you should pay special attention that they are properly insured. Like being properly licensed, the mover’s insurance coverage is a must-have! If you use a mover without insurance, you have no leverage if any of your possessions are missing or damaged when they arrive at your destination. Or if the whole truck fails to arrive at your destination altogether.

    While we’re on the subject, ask about what the insurance coverage really protects you from. Make sure that the mover’s insurance cover will refund you if something valuable is damaged or lost in the process of your move. If you like the mover but don’t feel like they have adequate coverage, you might consider using them, but adding supplemental moving insurance for your valuables.

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