Are You Ready to Jump Off the Opiate Addiction Train?

Ibogaine treatment for opiate addiction

Your addiction started small. Living in one of the first states to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, your Friday and Saturday nights out quickly shifted from drinking martinis to smoking weed while you were drinking martinis. The night were fun. They were different. They left you heading to work on Monday mornings with new stories to tell and new friends to keep in touch with.
Now that you think back on it, those new friends may have been the source of what was to come next. For while you were new to the scene that involved partying with any thing other than high dollar drinks, these new friends seemed to be able to predict what you might like next. The parties at the popular clubs with long waiting lines and bouncers determining who cold get in became only part of your weekend. The other nights were spent at parties with these new friends. They knew people you should meet. They knew things that you should try. The inexpensive weed quickly dropped off your weekend menu and were replaced by cocaine and methamphetamine.
Like almost every other aspect of your life, you were on the fast track. Not surprising though. You were on the fast track through the college and fraternity scene. You were on the fast track through your MBA program. You were on the fast track from the day you started your investment career. And now, you find yourself on the fast track into a world of cocaine, methamphetamine, and opiate addiction. Initially, you started your workweeks telling yourself that next weekend you would slow down a little bit. Before long, however, rather than slowing down on the weekends, you were actually starting the weekend earlier and ending it later.
High functioning addict.
It is difficult to deny that is where you are at. A high functioning addict who is still mostly able to go to work and make the money you need to afford your high end lifestyle and the narcotics that you are accustomed to. A couple close calls where some of your old friends have called you out on these new habits, however, are making you rethink this new version of yourself.
And as you move closer to the decision of finding a way to leave this life fueled by narcotics, you realize that you will need some help. And just like it was an unusual and not easily accessed group of acquaintances that started you on the path to your cocaine and opiate addiction, you realize that it will take some skilled acquaintances to lead you back out.
Working with an Ibogaine Addiction Treatment Facility Can Guide You Through Some Difficult Tasks
You have never been someone who has been seen with the Average Joe, and it should come as no surprise that you will need something more than an average drug and methamphetamine addiction treatment center to help you step away from your opiate addiction. More than 20 million Americans over the age of 12 have an addiction to a chemical other than tobacco. And while the greatest percentage of these addicts can only look toward a difficult 12-step program to break these addictions, you have the means to look toward far better options.
The most aggressive treatment options can help you avoid the devastating statistic that during the year 2014 more than 47,000 people died due to fatal drug overdoses. You did not start this game thinking that you would put your life at risk, and you want to find a way to quit your opiate addiction. And just as over the course of the past decade, the landscape of addiction has changed dramatically within America. More than 259 million prescriptions were written for painkillers during 2012. This number represents a 400% increase in prescription opiate use in a mere 10 years. Not surprising, the fact that the drug problems have changed means that the greatest success in breaking these addictions will come from a different kind of treatment.
Ibogaine detox centers have impressive results helping addicts reset. No drawn out, difficult 12 step programs, no days in treatment centers that are little more than outdated dorm rooms, these upscale detox centers are instead found on the beautiful beaches just outside of the U.S.

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