New Homes Provide the Newest in energy Efficiency and Design

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It is difficult to know what you are more excited about, the new job or the opportunity to look at new homes as you prepare to relocate your family to a different part of the country.
As job changes and job promotions require Americans to move across the country or across town, it is indeed true that selecting anew home can be every bit as exciting as starting a new job. along with the excitement though, comes difficult decisions about selecting a builder, selecting a house design, and making exterior and interior decorator choices.
In fact, as soon as the for sale sign goes up on the current home, the future buyers are often already on the path to making some pretty big decisions. Days of running around picking out flooring, granite, paint colors, drawer pulls, and window choices for the new house can be both time consuming and confusing. Sometimes, home owners are just as content to purchase a home that is new, but is already complete. Here is a list of What to Look for In a New Home:

  • Energy efficiency. One of the benefits to building or buying new homes is to take advantage of the most recent technologies. New HVAC units, for example, can provide a more comfortable year round temperature at an affordable price. Few companies manufacture models that are as inefficient as those that are in older homes. In fact, in many locations both builders and buyers get rebate options for purchasing and installing heating and cooling units with the highest energy ratings available.
    One thing that buyers purchasing new homes should be careful of though is unknowingly accepting an older, less efficient model. Since builders often buy some items in bulk, they could have older heating and cooling units on hand that they want to get rid of. New buyers should insist on what it the most current HVAC option.
    Energy efficiency, however, does not just apply to a new home’s heating and cooling system. For instance, new homes can also be built with the latest and most efficient windows and doors. Double pane windows, for example, can save energy loss and unnecessary waste. Solid core doors can also provide greater insulation and security.
  • Storage. If you are moving out of a an older home where you have felt cramped and crowded, you are likely interested in buying a new home that provides lots of storage. Many surveys, in fact, indicate the along with appliances and space, storage is a top priority for new home buyers. Finding a laundry room floor plan, for instance, that provides both storage and a common sense work flow layout is a major priority for nearly 90% of people looking at new homes.
    In addition to extra storage in a laundry room, many home owners also look for creative storage options in garages, kitchens, closets, and living areas. Built in cabinets, for example, can provide both function and beauty. Tucked away spaces at the back of a closet can provide additional storage for items that are infrequently used. Even narrow cabinets with shelves built into the base of a kitchen island can provide extra storage for canned food items.
  • Design. Perhaps the most fun part of buying or building a new home is working with a home builder to make sure that you are selecting the newest style in design. Just as older homes have character from rounded doorways, curved walls and ceilings, modern homes also have their own character. Quiet hidden spaces for reading under a window or on a stair landing and stacked bunk buds in creatively designed guest suites can show that your home was build with design in mind.
    Social media sites and home design blogs are full of the latest design trends that new home buyers might want to incorporate into their spaces. Creating a mix of both modern and refurbished materials can create a look that will make your home both memorable and comfortable. New flooring designs include materials that are both attractive and functional.

Whether you find yourself looking at new homes for a job relocation or for a chance to move into a larger space, make sure you consider these three qualities in your new home search: energy efficiency, storage, and design.

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