4 Ways to Make Your Backyard More Pool Friendly

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In the U.S. today, there are approximately 8 million residential pools, including both above ground and inground pools. If you?ve decided to invest in a pool recently, you may be wondering how you can make your backyard more pool friendly. Here are a few ideas you can keep in mind.

A Must: Fencing

In most locations in the U.S., fencing isn?t just an optional accessory — it?s an important safety feature for pools. The exact specifications needed for your pool fence are regulated locally and by your state; the fence should be high enough that a child could not climb over it, and have a self-latching, locking gate.

The Best Pool Houses

Pool houses are a great way to make your backyard more pool friendly. Why? Most people don?t want kids and adults with dripping swimsuits walking through their house to change. The best pool houses ensure that there are private areas so that changing out of clothes or swimsuits is quick and comfortable. You?ll want floors that are water-resistant, correspondingly; no carpets here. A good idea for those considering pool house designs: opt for storage space for all the floaties, toys, and game nets you may want to store there when the pool is not in use.


You may not think of gazebos and pools going hand in hand. However, gazebos are a great way to give people a place to relax in the shade, without having to go outdoors or invest in umbrellas that invariably blow over or fall apart in the wind sooner or later. When you have custom gazebos, you also have a place to keep the party going after pool time ends (you can even use mosquito netting on a gazebo, to keep the insects out!).

Outdoor Furniture

No one wants to stay in the pool non-stop for eight hours straight, even if the weather is beautiful. Outdoor furniture gives you and your guests a place to lounge next to the pool. Quality outdoor furniture can be useful whether you’re having a pool party, or a birthday barbecue. Ideally, invested in wood furniture that will last you many years of usage (just make sure it’s water resistant!). Amish furniture can be a great investment — and it’s always 100% handmade!

If you want to get your pool ready for the summer, it’s not too difficult. Shop around for the best pool houses, gazebos, outdoor furniture and fencing. Your friends and family are going to love what you’ve done with the space!

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