Making an Impact – 3 Ways You Can Gather Items to Donate to Those in Need

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If you want to give back and help those in need, you can make a donation to truly impact the life of someone less fortunate. Donations come in several different shapes and sizes, and even the smallest donation makes a difference. Not sure where to begin? Here’s how you can get started by utilizing resources in both your own home and your community.

  1. Clean out your own closet.
    If you want to give back and start helping families in need, look no further than your own home. Start by going through your own closets and gather things that you no longer use or can be donated to needy families. Clothing donations are the most common, but don?t forget that your household items can be donated as well! Many charity organizations take gently used household items such as small appliances, cooking equipment and kitchen ware, or really anything that can be of good use to someone else. Games, toys, and books are also great items that can be donated.
  2. Hold a clothing drive.
    You may not have many items to give, but other people might! Hold a clothing drive at your local school, church, or your workplace to gather resources from the entire community. Even if every person just donates an item or two, the impact will be much larger if the whole community participates. Decide on a location and encourage people to stop by and drop off the items they wish to donate. It might be a good idea to have the drive last several days to gather as many items as possible and accommodate for people?s busy schedules.
    Collected more items than you can handle? Some charity organizations offer a donation pick up service. They will come to your location with a truck, pick up the items, and ensure they get to the correct facility to distribute them to families in need.
  3. Fundraise.
    Instead of collecting items, you can always hold a fundraiser to donate money to your favorite charity. Although tangible items are incredibly useful, the money you donate to various charity organizations will be allocated where it is needed most. Consider fundraising by selling items or crowdfunding. Once you?ve gathered a donation, you can choose a charity that holds meaning to you, or simply choose one that you think could use a little extra support. You can make donations to veterans, to the sick, or to the homeless. See which are the best charities to donate to in your area and start making an impact today!

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