4 Tips to Help Make a Loft a Home

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Finding lofts for rent may not be the biggest decision you find yourself making. Choosing the right loft is just as important as deciding how to furnish it. Maximizing your space to make lofts for your family the perfect home is not as hard as it seems. Use these design tips to transform an open layout into a perfectly suited home for you and your family.

Decide on Furniture Layout

Having different styles in lofts and apartments helps with the layout, but only if it’s intentional. Creating an intentional electric style will better suit a loft apartment, rather than a clutter attempt at that style. When you find yourself uncertain about decorating then choose one theme and stick with it. Themes like mid century and modern themes are easy to pair furnishings with.

Use Area Rugs

When you rent a loft, you can find yourself struggling to differentiate rooms. Choose area rugs, which ideally fit the space that you are defining. Pick rugs for the living room that are large enough to fit all of the furniture onto. Choose a large enough rug for the dining room so that the dining room chairs can be pulled out from the dining table and still be on the rug.

Invest in Storage Solutions

Closet space tends to be incredibly limited in city loft apartments. To overcome this struggle, build your own storage or invest in unique storage solutions. Use one entire wall for a shelving unit. Use this wall for storage items from the living room and the kitchen. Dishes and serving dishes can be stored here along with books and pictures for the living room. Open backed shelving allows you to access these items whether in the kitchen area or in the living room area. Use baskets for smaller items and mix vases and candles to provide an elegant appeal to your shelves.


Curtains are important for the many open windows that are plentiful in the best loft apartments. These open windows provide ample amounts of natural light, but also wreak havoc on your heating and cooling bills. Invest in floor to ceiling curtains to open for natural light and close to save energy and provide extra privacy. Also consider whether curtains can help block off certain areas in your loft such as bedrooms.

Renting lofts for you and your spouse or family is a perfect option that many people overlook. Approximately 35% of adults in America rent their homes rather than buying. Renting allows fewer maintenance responsibilities compared to owning and renting offers less fluctuation of pricing. Rent is typically the same month after month, which offers renters the chance to enjoy more luxury features on a budget. Renting is a great option for a number of people and choosing lofts for rent help maximize your budget allowance and your space.

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