Why You Should Use Donation Pickup Services

Clothing donations

Did you know local charities will come to your home and pickup your unwanted items? Most local charities now offer donation pickup services to take care of your clothing, household items, and other miscellaneous items around your home. This keeps these items out of the trash and are provided to people who can use them. Millions of Americans are helped by donations every year. Furthermore, 2.5 billion pounds of fabric was kept out of the landfills by used-clothing purchases in 2006, making donation pickup services ecofriendly as well. Most good will donation are tax deductible, so check with your local tax preparer to see what you can write off.

A survey found that 50% of people making donations prefer door-to-door pickup, while the other half would not go ten minutes out of their way to make a donation drop off. Most of the time drop off centers are located around the city, but they can also be difficult to find. By scheduling donation pickup services, you can have your items taken away on your time schedule making it very convenient.

American throw away 68 pounds of clothing every year while only buying ten pounds of recycled clothing. At this rate, we are purchasing more than our landfills will be able to handle. By donating clothes to charity organizations, clothing will stay out of the landfills and go to those who otherwise would have a hard time purchasing clothing. Those who have lost their homes to disasters will not have to worry about putting clothing on their backs as charitable clothing donations will cover that. Instead,they will be able to focus on rebuilding their lives.

Children in need clothing is another reason to use a donation pickup service. There are thousands of children in foster care who do not have proper sized clothing. While those who take care of them do all they can, sometimes it is not enough. When you donate gently used clothing to children, they will feel comfortable. In addition, many charities that will pick up donations also pickup toys. This is another great way you are helping families and children in need.

Many times in our busy lives we forget to donate items to charity, or think it is too much of a hassle. With donation pickup services, it is easy to have you household items and clothing taken away when you need them to be gone. The charity organization benefits from this, as do you, along with the environment.

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